The one about the husband, my DILF, and everything else that makes me happy and hard

It’s the middle of the night here in Australia and, while I know I need to go back to bed, I have a habit of going to bed early (I made it ALL the way to 8:30 last night), waking up for a bit around now to check on things at home, do a few work emails since life is happening on my side of the planet, and then go back to bed and sleep until time to get up. I know it sounds odd, but on a short trip like this it actually helps keep me a bit more acclimated to home which balances the jet lag for me.

ANYWAY, this has been a really, really good week for me here professionally because all the nasty work I had to do here last year is slowly being replaced with end results that are off the charts and make me feel so valued, something I don’t often get to see as I bounce from place to place. But, all of that is neither here nor there aside to just explain my mood. A mood that had me roll over and send a text to Thumper that simply said “Morning, how’s my DILF?”

In that moment I realized that it’s been forever since I called him that, along with the other names I enjoy that rhyme with things like mutt, core, and piglet, and I just smiled to myself when I did it because I realized that it’s okay to still have fun with this whole thing: chastity, Axel, my DILF (aka Thumper for those of you who might be either new – or just simply slow), and everything else we all talk about in this kinky little world like Thumper’s ass and the things I like to do with it, my love of being in charge at times and not at all at others, and just how awesome Ferns is as a person, a Domme, and as a writer (it was a requirement of getting to kiss her that I say that once every so often – ha)

I have told you I have worried a few times that I have let things get too serious blog wise, and, while they have in many ways – most of which have been deserved by some stupid comment, politician, or just the natural evolution relationships take as they evolve and the sexy “flirty-ness” of the first few months that finds itself replaced with phrases like “did you remember to take your multivitamin today?” I want to make sure I don’t completely lose the focus I had when I started this about how wonderful the things that contributed to the start of this blog have continued to be. It’s sorta like the old phrase “count your blessings”, so I think I will do just that.

In the eight months of its existence, more than anything else, this blog has allowed me to both realize while also sometimes slightly lose sight of the fact that I indeed am a lucky bastard who has found himself in this weird, wonderful relationship quadrangle of sorts with and amazing team of players which include:

My husband, the most amazingly kind, sexy, and talented man I know who can turn me on, excite me, control me, piss me the fuck off and, maybe more than anything, accept and trust me for who I am which I find uber hot. He’s also just the kind of man I would move heaven and earth to get home to after weeks like this, and after 18 years together I absolutely adore the fact that I still adore that fact.

My boyfriend, the DILF, who has a brain I am jealous of, an ass that defies logic at times, a tongue that is magically delicious, and a steel penis I don’t get to touch all wrapped in a bigger package of kindness, friendship, and acceptance from his wonderful wife who just “gets” the fact that he likes the way I hurt him. The fact that this is often immediately followed by pad thai and baseball and the fact that we don’t miss a beat in between is like super duper icing on the cake.

My new kinky friends, my Twitter peeps. While I don’t know any of you all that well, Ferns, Andy, Charmer, Snake, Tom, Amethyst, Gryphon, Minxy, Nerd, Happa, and especially Kiwi, you guys are like the gang of friends I wished I had in high school because we would all have been so weirdly weird that we would have been stupidly cool. You all make my day a bit brighter when I need it, so I count my blessings there too. Oh, speaking of which, my friend and commenter Happa has started his own blog here that I think some of you may enjoy as well.

So, that’s it, my middle of the night happy rant about the DILF and other things. I am sure there will be a comment that will take me to the serious side, or an upcoming blog about how I can’t wear my steelheart during the workday because I had my suits custom made to make me look thin and they don’t allow for a pound of steel in your crotch -something I find very frustrating on several levels, or other things, but, for now, I am going to go back to bed smiling thinking about the husband I will be hugging in a few days and that bunny ass I intend to ravage about a week after that. Nite nite.

Ah, happy, smiley thoughts.


  1. You just made my day 🙂 Your post was great and I would have loved to have had all of you guys as my gang in high school. Of course, we would have been in trouble constantly, but we would have had a lot of fun.


  2. This makes me so happy. As someone who’s at an earlier stage of understanding my own kinky side and slowly revealing it to my husband, I am so encouraged by you, Thumper and your quadrangle. It gives me hope that things really will be OK.


  3. You’re in a league of your own with the life you’ve created. Thank you for pushing me to write my blog. Although I’m a super green writer the process of squishing complex feeling into words is so healthy.

    I’m also going to call out Thumper and his blog as one of the most positively influential reads in my sexual evolution. Thumper normalized my most eccentric ideas and demonstrated that with honesty and a bit of guts it can all work out.

    One day when we’re old this stuff is going to be hilarious.

    Thanks again Drew,
    Genuinelyhapa, my official new blog ID.

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