Further Objectifying Thumper: Three more ways I love it when I hurt him.

Over the last few days since Thumper and I finished our first of what we hope will become an annual baseball trip, I have been reflecting about the fact that I really, really do love the way he sounds when I hurt him. So much so that I have listened to the recording of it that we briefly posted on Twitter multiple times and always, always have this giant smile on my face when I do it.

In fact, my love of this sound has evolved and now I would be remiss if I didn’t say that I have grown to not only love the way he sounds when I hurt him, but…

I love the way he feels when I hurt him:

When I am doing things to him he squirms, moves, and writhes in ways that I bet even he is surprised that he can do. That is, unless I tell him to be still and, when I do that, he is already at the depths of his submissiveness and he stops cold and lays there like an absolutely perfect pain slut should until he just can’t take it anymore. When he’s had enough, I can feel his body betraying his mind as his legs start to move or his hips start to flex just enough that I know he feels he is disappointing me by moving, but he just has no other choice. Often, when that happens, I will lay down on top of him forcing him to stay in place and this causes his body to become hot and slick with sweat that is in addition to what the pain has already caused. The temperature. The movement. The sweat. Those are the factors that make the blood flow faster to my penis causing it to want to explode with each additional drop of sweat we create.

I love the way he talks when I hurt him:

Thumper has a distinctive voice that can make me want to come just in general conversation. He’s accent free, deep, clear, and has a way of expressing his feelings in his regular day to day statements that is just sexy even when talking about needing to run to Target to buy detergent. However, when I am hurting him, this bold voice becomes soft and incredibly submissive in tone which tells me that I have him in the spot I want him in. There is a softness, a revised pitch, and a submissiveness in every word that makes me both melt and rage with desire as I continue to bring him down into the vault of submissiveness. When I hear a certain tone now, I know that I can do anything I want to him and he will take it for and from me. I know that he knows I am going to hurt him, but I am not going to harm him. I know that he knows that I am going to push him past a point he was at before and that he is allowing me to guide him to that place since he literally no longer has the voice to stop me. For me, at this point, it’s the power that is making me hard versus the pain I am causing him as I am literally hard as a rock knowing that he likes me, trusts me, and wants to please me so much so that he will literally hurt to prove it. That is the ultimate in feelings.

I love the way he smells when I hurt him:

As Thumper goes deeper and deeper into this magical realm, he releases a pheromone of sorts that drives me absolutely insane. For clarification, he has a great natural smell anyway. Be it his body, his mix of product, or just genetics, he has a woodsy scent to him in general when one is lucky enough to be that close. When he starts going toward his, what I ironically call his comfort place caused by pain, his body emits an olfactory delight that I might be one of the few in the world to have the pleasure of ever smelling. It doesn’t last long and is not part of the general smell of sex, but it’s a regular occurrence that if I could capture, I would put in a bottle and carry with me every single place I go.

I love the way he thinks when I hurt him:

When I am through pinching, impacting, or impaling him I tend to just stop without any warning given to him. It’s not his choice at that point and, even when it’s over, I want to make sure that he has no say so in that fact so I will often stop, start, stop, start, and then finally stop and just walk away leaving him deep in the zone. I say walk away, but I am always just a few feet beside him because, at these times, I can actually watch him think. I can watch him process. I can watch him react to what was likely a mental orgasm of sorts and deal with the fact that he is done, whether or not he wanted to be or, actually, regardless of whether or not he wanted to start in the first place. I watch him react by moving, by whining a bit, and by shifting his body deep into the pillows to find some comfort from the down. At this point I most often go back and lay down beside him and, well, cuddle a bit to help him re-enter the real world and will usually allow him to blow me as a thank you. Trust me, he can express gratitude in this form better than a note ever could and, well, you know how good he writes, so interpret as you like.

So, those are the new ways I have found that I enjoy HIM when he is enjoying being hurt. For him, I know the pain is real, but the trust he is placing in me is what drives me and makes me take him harder, faster, and deeper each and every time. I no longer ask for permission or ask his opinion as at this stage in our boyfriendship I don’t need it because I know I already have it. He knows that I have learned the line between hurt and harm and am pushing it more and more each time. THIS is where I get off and I love that he knows I love it and allows me to take him there.

Does this make me a sadist? Yes Ma’am or Sir it does.

I am okay with that though because sometimes the big, shiny, cuddly Drew has to unwind too.


  1. Wow. So powerful. You expressed how I feel in those moments perfectly and in a way I never could put into words. The only thing that I could think while reading was, “Yes…”

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  2. Wow… Drew, what an amazing post! You have perfectly described those things I love when I do things to cagedmonkey! I agree with SSCharmer, I could have never put it into words, so spot on, like you did.

    Thank you!

    Just a note: Yes, I did get all wet and (more) horny reading this! Haha


  3. I would just like to say that I have read this three times today, and…


    And now I’m gonna go back and read it again.

    (Oh, and by the way, someone I work with today said something about a bunny and basically I had a visceral reaction – and a sharp intake of breath – that caused me to choke on my coffee. Because, of course, I was thinking, “Mmmmm… Nekkid squirming hurted Buuunnnny…” in a very NSFW kind of way. So thanks for that. 😛 )

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  4. Very eloquently put! I kept nodding my head and smiling (I’m sure my husband thought I looked like an idiot) as I read this. It’s sometimes hard to put into words what I’m feeling during a session, why I enjoy it, why it turns me on. This is an incredible explanation. Do you mind if I reblog?


  5. Reblogged this on subgetsowned and commented:
    I simply have to re-blog this. It is a beautifully written post on how a Dom whose blog I follow feels in scene space when he is hurting the man (and boyfriend) who subs for him.

    It is spare, yet vivid writing. It is at once dispssionate but dripping with the intensity of scenespace. It is powerful.

    It is where we go with our trusted kink partners.

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  6. I don’t understand this but will admit there is a hot vibe to this. I have often understood how men like women to dominate them and take away power, but guy on guy is tough for me. I have always assumed that you are chubby and effeminate, Drew, and know I could be off track, but is that’s how thier is a power exhange because Thumper is stronger, masculine, and straight (for the most part)?

    The comments and the positive statements by women are funny too. I don’t see men responding.


  7. There is no way you are chubbier. I have seen your pictures for years. Apologies if I implied Drew Is girl like, I just always thought from the writing he was. But I often think of southern accents as sounding gay so I just assumed, especially given how you get off, or try, on the power dynamics. Stronger than you sounds hot.


  8. It’s been a few days of disappointment and I read this again and just don’t get it. I wish I did because I like you men, but I can’t in my heart believe Thumper accepts this from you the way you think he does but maybe I missed to many blogs and he changed as fast as the world just did.

    Not countin the fact I can’t believe the subject, I do want to compliment the writing. Engaging.


    1. I don’t even understand the point or motivation of a comment like that. If Drew had solicited feedback, it’d make sense. But in this context it sounds to me like your point is to be Debby Downer and make him feel insecure about our relationship. You cannot possibly know what’s in my heart. You are totally unqualified to make any statement about how I feel.

      Whose disappointment are you referring to? Yours? What’s the relevancy of that? Drew’s? Mine? How do you have any foundation to make that judgment?

      I will never understand the motivation and capacity of some people to promote negativity in the world. Keep your pointless and potentially hurtful observations to yourself from now on. Please.

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      1. As always, thanks Thumper. I like it when your boyfriend duties include defense :).

        To the commenter: I’m not insecure about anything and I see the look in his eyes so I know what I’m working with and it’s been clear from the beginning it wasn’t his heart I was after. The friendship which I do treasure is a bonus.

        If you meant that you don’t understand pain and pleasure, join the crowd, but when you see it, feel it, and touch it it’s amazing how you don’t worry about understanding it anymore.


      2. What I don’t get, Thumps, is how one doesn’t already know you are a total pain slut. If someone supposedly knows you (through your blog) they would know you’ve mentioned enjoying pain… Anyway, I like objectifying you both so I’ll just continue to look at you as complete manly sexiness. 🙂


  9. I have only recently started reading this blog and have been going through the archive posts. Drew let me know that comments on older posts are still welcome and read. I have a sub (both he and I are gay males) who has a partner, as do I. though mine is now legally my husband of 4 years but together going on 37. Though we don’t see ourselves as boyfriends, we do share a similar relationship to Drew and Thumper in terms of kink play. When I read this post, I had to share it with him because it struck a cord with me as to how our sessions go in terms of our D/s relationship. I think his reply goes to the heart of what is experienced by both of us in the hurt but do no harm aspect:

    That blogger’s perspective on “pinching, impacting [and] impaling” his sub is a fascinating insight into the mind of a dominant man. And I am so pleased to know that our explorations together — our scenes, our play — give you these same pleasurable feelings. When I know that you’re being turned on by what you do to me, it turns me on even further, and so on, and so on… until I become what you see bound before you: a boy desperate to feel sensations from you, any place on/in my body, any way you choose, without end.

    I thought his discussion of voluntary vs. involuntary sounds and movements was spot on!

    So, another insight into what is shared in a D/s relationship other than Drew and Thumper.


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