I’ve been Thumper’d

It’s 4am in Australia and I have just given Axel one of the best orgasms he has had in years (or so it sounded). He’s sleeping now and I am wide away clutching at my steel encased genitals trying to make peace with the fact that they did not get to come out to play. Yes, this is the perfect time to remind you that I am a switch and part of this adventure Axel and I are on this week is for me to find that sub-ish side again. With the wonderful posts from Thumper about the pain I give him and the excellent blog by Ferns that matched that, I have had to giggle in my head a bit about the fact that this week, I am the Thumper of this relationship and have slightly struggled with the switching places in my mind.

As you know, the chastity thing for me and Axel is a wonderful idea but also one that is not very practical in our real lives. This is because I am always in a big metal tube flying through the air and that lifestyle is not especially conducive to being encased in a small metal tube whilst inside (like an odd, larger, sexy version of those Russian stacking dolls). For that reason, we have played a bit with it here and there but, as I have mentioned, Axel likes it when I orgasm so with our limited time together, denial has just not been on the table. So, enter this week and our agreed upon plan that I would be locked from arrival to departure (except during a massage scheduled for this afternoon). This is six days and something I have not experienced yet since getting my PA and my custom device. It’s been three and a half days now and, while that is NOTHING to most of you, it’s been a fun new journey for me. Since I tend to lock up in hotel rooms and when at a client site where I am not flying, BEING locked is not unusual for me and, frankly, I have enjoyed a sense of comfort throughout the last few days because the warmth, the security, and the bond that it creates between me and Axel. My Steelheart, like the penis within, is short and wide and that factor creates a pants issue sometimes, but I am in Australia where almost all the men are much prettier and in better shape than me, so I don’t really care if I sport a package invoking jealousy.

So, fast forward to about an hour ago and why the man I adore most is now snoring happily ten feet away from me while I sit crouched in a corner on the floor trying to be quiet. We have been tired this week after having walked nearly 12 miles each day on various adventures within the city or on the coastline, so tonight we fell asleep hard around 9:00. That lasted until about midnight when I woke up and checked my email because I have a big proposal going out in my name today that I am trusting a colleague to handle so I needed to make sure, well, you know me and trust. That was fine and I went back to bed and then the phone rang which is an odd fact, so I looked at it to discover it was my parents and they had called twice which the DND put through to me. Well, after a mild panic, I called back to realize that they were at Costco and were just blindly hitting my number on their iPad while thinking they were making a list (see Thumper, I come by the accidental call naturally). We had a good laugh while I cringed knowing that laugh likely cost me $4.00 a minute and I settled back in to then get another call, but a good one about something I will mention in a bit. That was when I realized that Axel was now naked on top of the covers in front of a giant picture window with the Opera House lit softly in the distance and the Harbour Bridge on the other side. Holy fuck that was hot. He looked great and, well, when will that view ever repeat itself (although it is happening again right now) so I decided I was going to have him and he soon woke up with his penis deep down my throat with my hands grasping his torso with a grasp that almost enveloped him (I have big hands, fyi). He groaned this deep, pleasurable sigh, made lots of noises that were similar to the rabbit’s (though I have to admit no where near as nice) as I continued to delight in his dick and touch every inch of his body. Meanwhile, during this, the Steelheart was earning it’s keep as my penis did not really know what to think as it is very used to getting its way. It creaked almost as it jetted out from my body and I clutched at my balls trying to discover some type of relief. It was this combination of pain, pleasure, and desperation that I have longed to feel and, as much as it hurt, I was almost praying in my head that Axel would not tell me to unlock. This continued for fifteen more minutes or so and he had had enough and erupted in a manner I had not seen in quite a while. As this happened I wondered if I would have my moment, I made some sounds that were unintelligible which made him say “say it” and, then, I found myself saying the unfathomable phrase of “Thank you”. It was bizarre yet so right. I ached and grasped and hurt and I was thanking him? Fuck, I HAD become the rabbit.  But it felt so good, so right, and tomorrow will be a better day because of it (aside from me being sleepy I predict). Axel got up, went to the loo and came back to bed without saying a word. I know that was so hard for him because he wants to allow me to come but he knows we needed this step. I am sure we will talk about it tomorrow to death!

Now, in other news, as discussed the full-time chastity does not work for us and we have come to grips with that. Despite this post it’s always been mostly about him having control of my penis, knowing he has locked something on me versus kept me from orgasming, etc. So, over the last few weeks I have been working with the amazing Christopher at Steelwerks in Canada and he has designed a hollow curved barbell that will lock into my PA with the S screw he patented and only be able to come out with the one key that I will leave with Axel. This will be made of titanium so no metal detector will get be alerted to this (airport ones are fine with the small amount of stainless, but I go through some government ones that are incredibly sensitive) and I can wear it 24/7 and function. He is making it hollow so I will be able to piss through it versus around it which, hopefully, means I will be able to wear light colored pants again before summer is over. It will not keep me from touching myself, obviously, but, it will accomplish most of what Axel set out to do when he requested I get a PA. Finally, the good news is the second call I got was that he is making it today and wanted to ask I minded it he customized the tip a bit more for security and to work within a cage which I, of course, said absolutely. I will get pics tonight and the tube next week.

So, back to bed for me and my metal. Happy day to you.


  1. That custom barbell is an incredibly hot idea. I am looking forward to seeing pictures. And I’ve added that idea to the lobbying for a PA that I already do with Bear :).


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