Fighting with Thumper

Thumper and I were fighting. It was one of those huge arguments where we could hardly look at each other and even the simplest of words seemed to make things worse. During this fight, he was following his rule to be naked with me and had one of those giant steel locking plugs inside of him and this made it worse because he wanted nothing more than to be clothed and unplugged, but he knew better and this was killing him because he was getting angrier at me and at himself for having fallen deeper and deeper into submission despite being so mad. I, in turn, acted like a sadist and started pointing at his metal genitals and calling him “dickless”,”dicklet”, and various other terms which actually stopped the fight and started other “things” because when I did that the metal started moving and I could tell he had enjoyed it. However, this did not lead to much sex because, oh yeah, Axel and Belle were watching from a distance quietly drinking coffee and snickering as if they compared spousal notes saying “Oh yeah, he does that with me too, now watch and see how the other one will do this…see“.

It wasn’t a loud fight. It wasn’t a long fight. It was just a fight that we both instantly regretted but didn’t know how to stop. It was a bizarre, sexual filled time that I still wonder what had caused it. Oh, yeah, it was a dream.

A big dream that was like live, colorful theater playing out almost in real time the other day while I flew home from Australia to the US. I have no idea what caused it or why in the fuck I would even dream that we fought because, one, I am not a fighter and I don’t suspect he is either, two, we are not together long enough to fight, and, three, if he was naked and I was pointing, I doubt we’d take the time to fight because that usually means other things are about to happen.

Like I said, the fight was not lengthy and the best part is that it soon jumped to us sitting in the floor just laughing and having the best time ever while he begged me to unlock his ass. Which, since I was having a good time, I refused to do. I woke up with this dream as hard as I am when I am hurting him, so that tells you I enjoyed the whole thing.

Looking back, Belle and Axel being there was a tad unusual, but, Axel and I were returning from a vacation that was full of Facebook couple selfies and Thumper and Belle were starting their vacation which is full of Facebook couple selfies, so I think that had put it top of mind. In fact, as we were on the plane, Axel favorited one of their pics and then asked me afterwards if that had been okay because he didn’t want to “meddle”. I had to laugh about that but then realized I had not favorited any either, so I did (they were great pics – he’s handsome, she’s beautiful, and the scenery is amazing) so maybe that was it. Who knows?

Now, as I write this it’s been about four days since that dream and I am still puzzled as to why it happened and, more importantly, what the fuck he may have done to cause it? I say he because, since, it was my dream and I know he had to have been the one at least 110 percent at fault, right? But, it’s bothered me all week in that “on your mind and really not bothering you yet bothering you” way and it just makes me laugh.

On the other side of it, Axel and Belle got along swimmingly well 🙂

So, who the fuck knows and I write this simply to document this as it was as fun and hot as it is puzzling.

In other news, our trip was amazing and there are more posts coming about that soon, but it was a great time for Axel and I to reconnect and just be a couple for nine solid days. I hope that is what Thumper and Belle are doing too and, aside from just one three line text between us this morning on Facebook, I have made a point to not be in the picture this week so they can have some time without any outside interference caused by me. That said, I cannot wait to talk with him Monday or Tuesday because a lot has happened this week professionally, personally, and with the metal in my penis (that is the subject of the next post) and more metal that will soon be on my penis.

So, that’s that. If I ever figure out why we fought, I will let you know.

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