My Titanium Tipped Penis – a Steelwerks Review

Dear Readers:

Axel and I would like to announce the arrival of our new hand crafted titanium hollow locking curved barbell from Steelwerks Extreme in Canada.

Weighing next to nothing, this shiny new baby arrived swaddled in bubble wrap and tape which concealed its one and one quarter inch length shaft that had been crafted in a slightly larger than 4 gauge width with a thicker, heavier collar on the end to provide strength and durability.

This piece will be (almost) permanently locked in my penis as a sign of our relationship dynamic and his control over my most personal of parts as we soon begin our 18th year together.

Most Sincerely,

Axel and Drew

And now for the review, pictures, and a bit of background as to why we needed this piece (NSFW pics follow this post)

First, as you know, it’s been a frustrating year for me and Axel as we have never been able to get our chastity lifestyle off the ground due mostly to the fact that I am never on the ground as I live out of airports, airplanes, and weird hotels over 200 nights a year.

The Prince Albert I received with Thumper nine months ago was a terrific start and was the first marking of this change in our dynamic, but, as much as I loved it, it had never felt perfect as I have had issues issues with rogue urination and some of the jewelry has irritated my skin since receiving it. Now, those were very minor things and, as you have also heard me say, I have never once regretted getting it as those benefits FAR out weigh those negatives many times over. In addition to the Prince Albert, we ordered a chastity device made to measure from Germany that is a great device, but it’s solid steel and that does not bode well with the TSA and my need to stay as far off of any non-trusted traveler list as possible, so it has rarely been on for more than 36 hours simply because it could not be.

So, a few months back, he and I started talking about the options and I remembered seeing a tweet from Steelwerks Extreme in Canada showing a one-of-a-kind, hollow metal barbell that was designed to slip into the Prince Albert piercing to provide a mechanism for channeling urine directly through a pipe and out in a single flow pattern. I remembered thinking this was brilliant idea, but never gave it a lot of thought until we started talking more. While this is not on their website, we went and looked at the ABSOLUTELY STUNNING array of chastity devices offered and read about their patented S locking screw and Axel asked if there was a way that this could be made to be locked into me so I would know that this was not coming out until he said so.

I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask, so I set up a call with Christopher, the owner of Steelwerks and, well, I instantly fell in love with him because his passion for even a tiny piece of work compared to what he regularly does beamed through the phone. We immediately began talking about my penis, as I do with most new vendors, and the needs that Axel and I had for the jewelry that would both represent his control and allow me to no longer worry about pissing on the man at the next urinal by chance or dripping down my leg wetting down my suit, something that is still frowned upon in most of the corporate environments I hang out in. He took my information, created an idea that was slightly different than what Axel and I thought, and got back to me within a hour with a design and delivery date above my expectations, and a price point which actually was below my expectation (fyi, I will not reveal this due to the extreme customization he offers on ANY piece, so prices have to vary for even the smallest items. That said, in the scheme of things, it was not un reasonable at all).

He sent an invoice. I sent a credit card. I went to Australia. And he got to work (most likely while listening to some really great alternative music -I am just imagining for some odd reason). While I was in Sydney, my phone rang about 3am and I, seeing it was him, tried to answer but couldn’t for some reason, so we played expensive phone tag for a few minutes before talking because he wanted to tell me that he had made it, but wasn’t thrilled with one aspect and wanted to get my thoughts on beefing up the front with a collar of sorts to make sure it protected my urethra and provided a hole large enough to accommodate my diet coke addiction and need to pee all the time. In addition, he wanted to extend the length just slightly to work with any cage I might have or obtain later from any vendor. There were no extra costs for these changes or were they anything I likely would have even noticed, but he cared enough about this little thing that is now inside me that told me that this guy looks out for any and all customers in a way few do, so it was appreciated.

A few hours later he sent me pictures, a tracking number, and it was on it’s way to greet me upon my arrival home – which was fortuitous since I was leaving again only a few hours later. It was love at first sight when I unwrapped it because I could just see and feel a level of quality that reminded me of what Tiffany’s might sell if they ever expand their line into alternative penile parts (note to Chris, start shipping in colored boxes).

To describe it is quite simple, it’s a titanium curved barbell that inserts through the God given opening of the penis head into the urethra and then out the hole where the Prince Albert was created. When it’s come through the hole, there is a titanium “collar” that is then added (it takes some dexterity if alone) which is secured in place by a Steelwerk’s proprietary “S screw” which, don’t be shocked, has a “S” carved into the top of the screw versus a standard one you’d find at Home Depot or Lowes. Of course that is by design and, having gotten to know Christopher a bit in the days since this was delivered, I think you’d pretty much have to have a notarized letter from your key holder along with a vial of blood taken directly from your penis in order for him to simply sell you an extra key should one be lost (it ships with two). This is one of the reasons his full chastity devices are so wonderfully secure.

Now, at the bend of the barbell there is an opening that allows urine to flow into the metal versus around it like in a standard insert which is then expelled from the body through reinforced opening “collar” that has a hole in it much like a spigot on a garden hose sprayer. For me, this is absolutely 157 percent sexy to watch each and every time I have to piss. Since the barbell is a fixed length and, based on life, the penis is not, it is sometimes far out from my dick and sometimes flush against the slit. This is like a game each and every time I have to pee just to see what it will be. Speaking of pissing, it’s so nice. I have learned that if I do not touch it when starting, it’s sealed itself into place and I can piss with nary a drop going anywhere other than in a straight line and there is absolutely no post pee drippage and zero leaking from the underside of the shaft as there always was with whatever was in there prior. If I do move it and unseat it a bit, I get a bit of random urine flowing around it and one or two drops from the underside, but nothing like before. It’s really, really nice and after being able to stand in an airplane lavatory the other day, I believe I texted Christopher with something like “if you were into men I would fly there and kiss you right now” because I was so happy to have such a great piece (I would have said “weren’t married to a woman and all”, but, well, you all know me and my record there).


As for comfort, it’s incredible and the titanium is a feeling unlike the steel in a way that I can’t honestly describe. It’s a “part of me” that the steel never was, if that makes any sense at all. Now, some of that may be I know there is no way I can get pliers or a screwdriver or anything else to remove it so maybe that is a mindset thing with me, but, it doesn’t matter really because it is what it is and it’s something I enjoy. Also, there is a bit of a rattle where the locking screw meets the collar and I find that to be one of the sexiest sounds when naked.

As for Axel, he loves it. He loves the control it’s allowing him even if it doesn’t follow the traditional chastity lines of not allowing erections or ejaculation. That said, it will still have to come out when the top man in me comes out because I suspect even Thumper, the pain whore, will not find it comfortable when inserted “down there” but from an oral point of view, Axel is quite happy. In fact, he says it “tastes great”, which will be another topic for another blog post one day soon.

A closing note about Steelwerks itself. When I was getting into this chastity game, I was always a bit scared of their website, products and supreme reputation because, well, they are so fucking awesome. Being a car guy, the only way I can describe it is to say that it’s like just graduating college and getting a good finance rate and going to shop for a BMW M3 versus a Honda Accord and, in many ways, that is an accurate description because their stuff is so good, so measured, and a bit more expensive that you almost need to have driven the Accord awhile before even considering the power and comfort the M3 affords you to know how nice what you are getting is. Still following me here? Should you choose to give Christopher a call, expect a bit of time getting to him because he is so busy, but when you do, the level of customer service is second to none and his attention to detail and making it absolutely perfect is something that is hard to find anywhere else.

Finally, this one experience has led Axel and I to reevaluate our plans a bit more and I believe I will soon be going to Canada to be measured for my own M3 soon, but more on that in the next post.

IMG_3648 IMG_3672 IMG_3667 IMG_3679 IMG_3666


  1. Hot Damn Drew! What a beautiful piece of penis jewelry attached to a handsome set of cocktail & balls! Are you wearing a cock and ball ring too? Oh my, that is hot indeed. I so enjoy your posts and thank you for sharing your photos as well. I’ve enjoyed following your blog since day one.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That device is ingenious. It almost makes me want one, but I don’t think I could hack the whole penis piercing thing. Or, maybe I could…?

    So, you can get through airport security with it in? Do you have to get strip searched every time you fly?

    How are you dealing with the loss of having erections?

    Do you leak pre-cum?

    Sorry about all the questions. I just think that thing is checking cool.

    Also LOVE your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You can so endure the piercing thing. It literally only hurts for less than a minute.

      As for the airport, even a steel piercing is too small to set off an alarm, so I have always been fine. The titanium will certainly not do it and I am told that full devices do not even react either.

      As for precum, I always leak and always have. It’s my thing 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. That device is ingenious indeed. Such a simple idea, so beautifully executed. “Art” is not overstating it.

    And it got Bear past “I don’t know, piercings are scary” to “yes I like this, I will lock this into you,” so I couldn’t be happier with Drew providing inspiration and guidance.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Fascinating, thank you for explaining all that in such detail.

    I struggled to see how it could fit and be aligned so perfectly that there would be zero leakage *around* it, so the way you explained it is interesting.

    Also, it looks amazing.


    Liked by 1 person

  5. This Hollow Barbell is the greatest Idea for PA Piercings ever !!
    Perfect for permanent wear – 24/365 !
    I’ve asked a year ago about the price of one of their
    Chastitys – and thought : Maybe one day… !
    Lori Devices are expensive – but this is Championsleague …

    I need this barbell and asked today for the price.
    But he / they’re / is in holiday …

    Can you tell me the price per Mail, please ?!
    Greetings from Germany !!


  6. Hey Drew thank you for all of your reviews of these devices. My wife and I are seriously considering going the P.A. Route. I have been looking over the steelwerks device and I am intrigued by your review of the crucible 2.0. The combination of comfort and Security is what I’m after. (As well as hygiene I should say!). I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind aswering a few questions about the crucible.

    Does it ever feel like it wants to fall of the end of your penis and out pressure on your piercing? I feel like sometimes my penis is smaller than other times and want to make sure I’m not going to put a lot of tension on the piercing. Also, when you try to get an erecting is it painful? I’m not worried if it looks weird because so does what looks like a tumor in my belly when I try to get erect in my Mature Metal Queens Keep. It’s comfortable enough but sometimes the ring pisses me off overnight and I can sort of “fall out the back” on really warm days when I bend over. I’m hoping something g like the crucible can alleviate these issues. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!



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