A Chaste Change in the Werks

In my last post about my new pride and joy, the Steelwerks barbell now locked in my penis, I alluded to the fact that this little piece of titanium may have awakened something inside both Axel and myself that our previous forays into chastity had not. Thumper once told me that while he and Belle did the “chastity thing” pretty much all the time with great success, she started taking the control part much more seriously when his Steelheart arrived. He said it was that she so much preferred how it looked to the other devices (and even preferred it to how the penis looks when naked) that she got a lot more invested in her role and became more appreciative of the hardware which, in turn, led to her enforcing her control a lot more often.

When Axel saw the S lock of the curved barbell, I saw a look in his eyes that caused me to both gulp and swoon in a really weird moment that told me something had just clicked similar to what Thumper had once described.

So, nearly two weeks later, the barbell has not left me and I love it more and more each and every day. In fact, in this short amount of time it has just become such a part of me that I really have no desire to ever take it out because it is so well made, functional, comfortable, and shiny that it’s just “me”. This fact is really great and more than I ever expected when I got it, but it’s also defeating in some ways because the way Axel and I play the chastity game is that I like being reminded that I am locked into something for him and he likes knowing that I know that, so it’s almost pissing him off that this barbell is so damn good that I now just feel like it’s a natural extension of my penis, although one that slides up and down and rattles in ways that make me oh so happy to have a dick that can take it. Of course, I am always reminded that I did get the PA for Axel at his request, so don’t think his mark of possession is ever out of my mind, it’s just become a very hot and comfortable mark.

So, back to Axel’s eyes and the clicking look on his face…

A few days after this was in me he texted me that he had been looking at the Steelwerks page and that he wanted to talk more about the options now that I have figured out how to piss. He also knew that Christopher from Steelwerks and I had struck up a friendship, so something about all of that had made him comfortable enough to tell me that he really wanted me locked up more and more when I was able and asked me to start working on a design with Christopher that would contain enough titanium to allow me to go through airport security while also allowing me enough comfort and hygiene that it could stay on for long amounts of time, only coming off when he wanted it or when I was with Thumper (remember, that is in the Boyfriend Agreement, section 7, page 891). This was a huge move on his part because, well, one, Axel is cheap and, two, this frankly just showed a level of desire for control from him that I have not seen in the past. He told me to start looking at designs and start talking with Christopher about what will and won’t work, and, oh, “if you can, take Thumper with you, because, well, he will enjoy it and the experience around designing and watching this is something you two will be able to share in a way that you and I would never because I’d just be too worried about the price the whole time (cheap Axel, see). Maybe you should get him measured too, who knows what Belle may want”.

So, fast forward a few days and, well, THUMPER AND I ARE GOING TO CANADA! (I was trying for that Disneyworld effect there so humor me, or now for our Canadian friends, humour me). 

We are going in about six weeks at the end of August and have booked plenty of time for deciding what I need more than what I want, because I can already see my mind getting ahead of both my wallet and my practicality quickly with all the shiny, sparkly things that just have a sexual charge from even sitting on a shelf, much less being able to touch and visualize what it would feel like locked on. As for Thumper, I don’t know what he’s going to do aside from paying Chris to measure him for if and when he decides on something designed for he and Belle. I suspect he’s already planning his blog post about this in his mind and already planning exactly what he might design to be designed as well.

Now, as I have said and as most of you know, Steelwerks is the best I have run across for about 172 different reasons (one day I might actually list them) and, as you also know, this device, whichever we design, is not going to be cheap, but that’s okay too because of what it is. For me and Axel, this is going to be a custom made piece of jewelry that has implications far beyond just the “something to lock your dick in” arena. The custom-ness, the craftsmanship, and the tailoring for just us will mean that each dollar will be spent well and that it is likely we will never need another device. In addition, I will be able to travel in this one so that alone means a great deal and will symbolize so much since I spend most of my life alone in hotels and airplanes and will mean that I will feel Axel’s presence and control over me, even more so than with just the PA. As for the cost, I keep going back to the old wedding ring saying about three or six month’s salary and know that there have to be fools out there who have spent that on similar rings, etc. Although I guess that is all relative based on what one makes a month. Regardless, Axel and I currently sport wedding bands bought off of Amazon which, I believe, cost less than $100 combined, so we take that as this is our chance to design and, well, lock in and on our own special wedding ring of sorts; however, one might have to follow me on Twitter to see it. Oh, and for those worrying about the barbell I have in now, I suspect that is going to stay and we will design it as part of the new device, not as a replacement. It means too much to me at this point to abandon it.

Finally, in addition, since I am taking the supreme blogger and photographer with me, I am going to talk with Christopher about documenting the process in some way – from measurements to installation, because I will have the ability to be there both times and because, well, chastity, metal, and writing is sorta what turns us all on and god know I don’t min my penis being on the internet. Who knows, maybe one of them would need it for some reason one day.

More on this as it progresses.


  1. I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure that airport metal detectors can detect titanium. People with titanium implants report setting off the detectors. Your PA fixing is probably under the trigger threshold. My stainless steel frenum ring or barbell never set off the alarm. I bet a CD would though.


    1. Yeah, I think I will have to test it to be sure, but they report that they have quite a few clients who can go through without detection and they have had first hand knowledge as well. Trust me, I won’t go running through blindly. It may be in a pocket or two for awhile 🙂


  2. That’s so exciting! I’m definitely looking forward to reading how it goes. And I’ve known people who have been able to get through metal detectors with titanium implants. It’s something that definitely needs to be tested, but if you find you can get through without setting off the alarm, that would be amazing to know.

    You absolutely get what you pay for, and based on this post and the other one mentioning Christopher, it sounds like every cent will be well-spent. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product.


  3. There are no good sources for numbers for how many chastity devices are sold, but those numbers are skewed from all the guys who end up buying half a dozen different devices. And it’s funny how mission creep sets in once you start wearing them.


  4. I can’t wait to see what comes out of this process. I travel 2-3 weeks per month as well and would love for MrsL to not have to worry about anything while traveling. I have titanium screws in my left knee that have set off detectors in the past but they haven’t in several years.


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