“If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 59 minutes thinking about the problem and 1 minute thinking about solutions.”

― Albert Einstein

I am in a New York City conference room today giving a presentation and the quote listed above from Albert Einstein was on the wall behind where I was speaking. While this particular quote is often the subject of debate about whether or not he actually said it, it made me start thinking while I was talking and now, sitting at a less than quiet lunch in the same room (it’s less than quiet because a LOUD woman three offices over with a very New York accent is showing vacation pictures of her cruise to two ladies who keep ahhhhing and oooohing – I.Want.To.Kill.Them) and I started thinking about the quote even more and how it applies to me and Axel, me and Thumper, and me and life in general.

First, I am too lazy and too pushed for time today to actually look up the quote to make sure I understand the context in which  it was said and to see if I am interpreting it right, so I am just going to generalize it to say that, for me, it clicked that I need to just quite wallowing in problems at times and find my solutions faster. Now, I am absolutely sure that is NOT what Einstein meant, especially when you apply it to chastity and butt plugs, but, it inspired me so I’m going with it.

With Axel, he and I have spent so much time talking about why we have not “gotten our kink on” in the way we want versus just fucking finding the right solution to just start it, that we are growing tired of the the discussion which ultimately kills any kinky desire. It’s very similar to the endless conversations we used to have about opening up our marriage and what our friends would think and what rules would apply when and what if one wanted to spend the night with the hypothetical other and so on and so on and so on. The ruling had been made but the debate had grown tired and then, out from the lettuce patch, jumped Thumper and Axel and I suddenly had one minute to make up our minds, define the parameters that led to the solution, and here we stand. While Axel has not found himself a Thumper yet, he’s open to it and the same rules I have will apply with him. It’s simple as that really and, you know what, once the solution was hopping up and down in front of me bouncing his shiny metal genitals and anal plug in my face (mmmmmm), we have never had “the” conversation about how our openness would work again. It just does.

Another case in point was this week with me and Thumper. As you know, he and I were playing one of our games over the weekend that went really hard, really fast and I think I speak for him when I say that it was a fucking blast, though short lived which, in hindsight it needed to be. When it started to falter, on Monday night we chatted and came up with, what I think will be a brilliant solution that is simple, easy, and doesn’t take too much more effort than a text back and forth when he is going to be inserting certain objects. We were about to start that solution and then the rabbit flu hit him and he’s been in bed since (a vision I have to say I enjoy, even though he is ill). But, when his ears get perky again and his tail starts getting tingly a bit, I think we found our solution that we can keep without miring ourselves in the problem again and again and again like we have done in the past.

So, all that to say is I think I am going to start working backwards and just finding solutions without defining my challenges 1,016 different ways each and every time. I wonder how long I can last at this since I am a self confessed over thinker?

In other news, I am wrapping up one more day in the Big Potato (any Golden Girls fans recognize that??) and get to go home tomorrow for two days at home before heading out again next week. That said, my trip next week starts with a rabbit visit and, even if he is not feeling great, it’s going to be nice since it seems like it’s been months since we have seen each other but, in reality, it’s only been about six weeks (yes, if he is sick I still go because I can’t cancel these things so everyone cross your collective body parts). So, nothing but good things ahead.

Finally, yes, I know I have promised answers to some of the questions. My solution for you on that is patience. They are coming.

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  1. I think you’ve nailed it. I’m a notorious over thinker as well. I get tired of listening to me prattle on about stuff so I can’t even imagine how TN feels. I have great gut instincts, but for some reason struggle to listen to it on big stuff. Whenever I have to make a snap decision, it works every.single.time. Hmm. You just made me realize I need to shut up and take a leap on something. Thanks Drew! xx


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