Mom meet Thumper – Part III

It’s been awhile since I mentioned anything about my mother, so, as a brief reminder I am 110 percent a momma’s boy and am very lucky to have been dealt the cards I was. Now, as I have also mentioned, the woman is intuitive and, as she ages and with what appears to be very early stages of Alzheimer’s having been diagnosed, her intuitive side has gotten stronger even when the rest of her mind is going the other way. I frankly suspect that it really hadn’t gotten stronger and has always been there like that, but that she had the ability to censor herself a bit more or at least tone the thought down so that she didn’t look crazy (the reversal is ironic in some senses, isn’t it?).

So, anyway, I have not mentioned much about her lately because she has not given any more clues as to whether she knows about the boyfriend or anything else. I suspect this has been mostly because there has been big drama in their house with buying a new car, three extra doctor’s appointments, and a new wireless password I had to change since their old one was their last name. So, she’s been tired. However, yesterday I called to tell them that I was home for the weekend and to remind them that I’d see them at a different time on Sunday for a few reasons and the call went well, even though they have turned into the kind of old people where both have to be on the call at the same time. As we were wrapping up, she said, “Oh wait, Drew, we were just talking about the fact that it’s been a long time since you went to _______ (Thumper’s city – even though he says it occasionally, I don’t for whatever reason), and we are somewhat worried, is everything okay?” This just kind of took me back a few steps because it was out of the blue and was bizarrely on target so I said “All is good, Mom, I’m going up there Monday” and tried to end the call then. She would not let me before saying, “That’s great, now when we see you on Sunday make sure you bring pictures” which caused me to cringe into a pose I cannot even describe while also actually laughing out loud about the pictures I could show her.

Later in the day as I processed this, I think she was thinking it had been a long while because in June he and I went to California together so that was the title line of my schedule that she gets a copy of said so, to her, it would look like 8-10 weeks since I had been there. It’s sweet in a twisted way to think that my mother cares enough to track when I might be naked with my boyfriend. That said, I am still not entirely sure she knows what she is talking about as she may just think this is part of a bigger project I am working on for work, or that this is a place where I do presentations and trainings. I have shown her pictures before of some of the places I have spoken so those dots could have been connected as well.

Since Axel actually sees them more than me these days, I asked him about this over dinner last night and he just laughed and said that it happens with him a lot too and that he doesn’t think she knows, but is just trying to understand my life a bit better because, admittedly what I do is confusing without even factoring in that where I do it is different every single week. This was then countered by a story he told me about her asking him to look at my Facebook page with her a few weeks ago when we he dropped off Stella. He said that she had it open on her iPad and started asking him about my friends, etc. He said she specifically honed in on Thumper, but thinks it was because he and I were in a current to and fro conversation about something on there and not specifically because it was him. I asked what she said and he said she just said, “oh he’s handsome and they watch baseball together, right?”, and then he said that the conversation just went on like nothing was ever said or unusual. Frankly, I would like to think that if she thought I was fucking the man in the picture that she’d at least have a bit of concern for my husband, right?

The subject is surely to come up tomorrow when I see them because we have a whole month of new travel to go through and I will just laugh along with it unless she asks and, if she does, well, I guess there will be another post tomorrow.


  1. We moms are pretty intuitive. And in most cases just want our kids to be happy. 🙂 It’s nice that you have such a great relationship with her.

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  2. Using their last name as a password… o_O

    My dad, who is convinced that some jihadist somewhere is going to hack into his computer, uses passwords that anyone could guess. And since he’s uber security conscious, he keeps a list of his computer passwords in a file ON HIS COMPUTER, titled “passwords.”

    And his memory is going. So I’m fairly certain I’m going to get a call one of these days along the lines of, “I can’t find my passwords file!” and have to deal with the ensuing panic. *snort*

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    1. Ha. I had discovered this one because of a note taped to the refrigerator that said “code word XXXX”. That said, they do keep a list of all the logins in their phones too, but I have hidden those under a fake name at least.

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