Sneaking glances at Thumper’s ass

So, here we are again with me on a plane. I’m at 34,000 feet flying north to meet Thumper in the airport, sneak a few glances at his ass, and then fly off to Canada where, by this time tomorrow, I will have had a relative stranger’s hands in my genital region measuring me for a custom piece of titanium (and a bit of surgical steel) that will be used to officially give control of my favorite body part to my husband, as he has requested. In between, I get to spend time with the rabbit who, if my plan works as I am hoping, will likely be tweeting tomorrow aboot (when in Canada) his sore and puffy nipples and why he won’t be liking sitting down much, you know, just a date with Drew. Plus, there’s baseball too.

Anyway, there will be plenty on both of those subjects later, so my thought of the day is that I am sitting here thinking and have decided that Axel and I are going to figure a way out to hang out more with kinky people and just begin enjoying this side of ourselves more. In some ways, this is already happening as through this blog and another mechanism or two, I have started forming some real life friendships that were initially just grounded in a comment or two here or on Twitter. Those comments enabled conversations which have now grown into actual friendships. As a case in point, a few weeks ago, when in New York, I had dinner with a guy who is this senior brainiac by day who turns into a latex slut at night, temperature and play date willing (or at least he thinks about turning into that latex slut each night)(I think we will call him Tex for blogging reasons). We didn’t plan to hit it off, but we did, and conversations with him have become part of my daily life as well as Axel’s (I kinda hope they hit it off in that Dad/boy kinda way because being the good modern husband I am, I want my partner to have a boyfriend too). In addition, I have also really picked up conversations with another friend in DC who is a Master to his boyfriend and we have really enjoyed the information exchange. He is the one that Thumper referenced in the post yesterday as I have hooked them up just because they have a lot of muggle life things in common and, well, again, we all need a few kinky friends who know what’s going on in our brains when walking down certain aisles at the Home Depot. 

On that subject, I did have to laugh because Thumper got a comment about talking to another Dom that sorta, somewhat, maaaaaaaybe implied that he was now not only hurting Belle, but me too. Anyone who reads his blog (he has one you know) knows that is not what he’s about and that we, meaning me and Belle, are not able to be hurt my such mundane actions as talking. So it just made me giggle to think that some guy sitting somewhere is really thinking that Thumpie is that big of a slut. 

Then it kinda made me hard.

All of this was precipitated by the fact that the social friends Axel and I have now have suddenly started getting, well, republican on us and, since they are the married gays now, they think that even looking at another man is cheating and, well, I just can’t stand being around that anymore. We had dinner together last night and I was crawling out of my skin at times because the subject drifted right a time or two making me scream. That said, Axel was just ignoring them and my best friend, who I have mentioned here many times, was counterbalancing them, so it wasn’t all that bad, but just enough that made me think I am far too young to be hanging around with someone that I can’t talk with about my penis, Axel’s paddle, or my boyfriend. It may take awhile, but I think I am going to try to see what I can do.

Aboot to land and grab the bunny, so more soon about our 22 hour Northern adventure. 


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