Stoopid Questions

Good day all. I have seven meetings today with 45 minutes of down time in the middle, so I decided to pop off a quick little post about what is on my mind this morning – stupid questions. Although now that I have used the phrase “pop off” my mind has gone elsewhere, but, none the less, about those questions.

We have talked incessantly about the mean comments, the bigoted comments, and the simply wonderful comments, but this is aimed specifically at most people who are not actually reading me or Thumper because, well, they just couldn’t be if they ask such things. Some of these questions come from the Twitter where people see one thing and then send a message which I typically delete, but most of them come from Recon or Fetlife where I have profiles that essentially describe my weirdly wonderful life in a nutshell and then point the reader toward this and Thumper’s blog. I don’t mind them at all, but sometimes I have to show restraint when and if I answer because, well, you will see.

That said, the inspiration for this post came from a lovely gentleman this morning who said and asked:

“Drew, love the locking curved barbell. Can it get wet or do you have to take it out every time you piss?”

I didn’t answer him but did put it on Twitter to, well, just because. Think about that, dude.

A few days ago I got one that clearly shows why I am weeping for the reading comprehension levels in America if this is indeed true. It said something like:

“Drew, I have read almost every page of yours and Thumper’s blogs. It’s all great, but what are you two going to do when his wife finds out you fuck him?”

I can see how he could be confused because neither of us have ever talked about Belle and whether or not she knew about me. Never.

Every page? My ass. I did have to laugh though because nobody is ever concerned about Axel. That said, because of this websites these are mostly coming from gay men, so they know how to deal with a partner but the idea of a woman being involved, in ANY degree, is just so foreign that they lose all their sensibilities I guess. But Axel is fine too, btw.

“When you and Thumper break up, will you find another sub and do you want him locked in chastity by his wife too?”

Thanks for the vote of confidence on me and Thump and, yes, should we ever decide to not partake in what we do now, I will certainly choose from the plethora of locked married men who want a dick in them once a month or so. Surely they’d come running. But, never you worry, I don’t think we will have to address this question in real life.

There have been many more of these and I just have not paid that much attention, though I certainly will from now on because it’s kinda fun to write.

But, I think my favorite one came as a direct response to this blog a month or so ago and said:

“I am very jealous of you and Thumper. I have read so much and seen his pictures for years and just wondered if you could tell me if his penis is as nice in person as it is online?”

That one I did respond to with a simple, “dunno, when he is with me he doesn’t have one”.

Fellow bloggers, do you get the stupid ones too or is this just another example of how special I am?


  1. Drew, it comes with the territory. At least once a week I get a real head scratcher. We get regular email and comments asking if Mrs. Lion would like a *real* sub since I obviously don’t measure up. We get long comments (which I delete) with fantasies about how a keyholder locked the man up and made him do things for her. I never get comments or mail from women who wish they were my keyholder. I guess I’m just not that appealing.

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  2. There have been times in my relationship when my husband has been a bit reluctant, and I’ve had to drag him by his hair deeper into whatever new kink I want to explore. During one of these times, I received an email from someone asking if I was ever worried about what would happen if my husband decided to go to the police and report me for abusing him, assaulting him, and raping him. Both he and I got a good laugh out of that.

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  3. Gotta admit that I for one was just a little concerned when Thumper brought up the subject of a “third person,” but by the time of your first meeting, all of the little nagging doubts had gone away. So, I’m always amazed at the depths of some other “readers” ignorance and misunderstandings. There are 3 relationships going on — I don’t see any of them intersecting yet — and they’re all getting stronger, in part because of the other two. You’re blessed.

    As for our Kentucky “friend,” (btw, I’ve been there and the county is pronounced “rau’n”), somewone needs to ask her where in The Constitution it gives the Bible any authority to allow her to override it.


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