The Accommodating Rabbit Hole

It seems everything I have written this week has resulted from a comment or question, which I guess is reason enough alone for comments and questions. For the record, I love 98 percent of them and welcome as many comments as I can get. However, in addition to the mean ones and/or the stupid ones we touched on earlier this week, there are the “expectation” ones that sometimes invoke my ire.

In this particular case, I received a message late yesterday afternoon from Kevin Q. that essentially stated that he, the writer of the question, was not happy at all that Thumper had not written another detailed description of our, assumed, sexual encounters last weekend when we traveled north to the great, exotic land of Canada, French Canada specifically. He said that he felt “let down” that neither of us had taken the time to journal it because we “owed” it to our readers. Typically, I would have cut and pasted this and sent it to Thump and he and I would have had a chuckle, but Thumper is away on some water somewhere with his family celebrating labor and, at that particular moment, I was having a root canal done because of a crown I lost when with Thump. I wasn’t in the mood to entertain Kevin so I just ignored it. That was, until this morning when I was at the gym and got all kinds of irritated with Kevin for even saying we “let him down”, as if the blog purely existed for his sexual gratification.

Now, to Kevin, don’t get me wrong, when Thumper writes those porn-ish kind of details following our time together, I fucking love them just as much as anyone else and find it oddly hot to know it was written specifically about where I did and did not place my penis. Even more so, I love “hearing” his inner thoughts a few days later because I usually remember exactly what he describes and how he reacted which helps me be a better boyfriend and Dom to him the next time. But, you have to remember as well that sometimes there simply isn’t time or the activity simply wasn’t blog worthy be it too vanilla, too spicy, or to be frank, just a particular act that he and I would like to keep only between the two of us such as Thumper’s previously undisclosed super bizarre fetish for, well, never mind now.

Also, because of the uniqueness of our particular situation, Thumper always seems*, how do I say this, a little less bisexual when I am done with him because that particular itch he had was scratched and, since he usually misses a day in the office or at home to see me, he’s usually acutely focused on some of the muggle things that puts bacon in his oven (the man is all about baking bacon). Trust me, it’s not easy to write about yourself and your super metal penis or your exceptional rabbit hole when you are back in the world with the love of your life doing things like laundry and paying bills.

So, as I wrote this I got less angry with Kevin and have decided that this is just like those people who had bonded with Belle and worried about what I was going to do to their relationship or the ones who, understandably, created their own inner world and vision about Thumper, the man, and hated my guts for “violating” him like I did (and continue to do, fyi). It’s all about perspective and, Kevin, I guess, I just wanted to remind you that more than anything else.

Finally, all of this wasn’t a rouse to get around talking about last weekend, I just simply never do it justice like he does. In reality, our private time together was short and was dictated around sleep, my snoring, and the business to be conducted the next day, but, I can promise you that the rabbit hole was very accommodating and that the bisexual bunny tongue was just as lovely as ever. In fact, we discovered a really fun “new” position for me to take him at a different angle that hits the prostate just perfectly and it’s amazing; however, we also learned to start there because my hips don’t bend like they used to after lots of thrusting actions and my legs get too sore to balance on one foot while holding his leg up for more than 15 or 20 minutes (kidding)(kinda).

In fact, I came two times in less than an hour or so which made me feel emotionally wonderful and physically exhausted as that type libido is meant for men in their twenties, not those twice that!

So, all this to say, cut us some slack 🙂

*not a documented fact in the bisexual bunny boyfriend handbook


  1. Kurt Vonnegut had a line in The Sirens of Titan that went something like “… and the people, having been promised nothing, felt cheated in having received nothing.”

    FWIW, I’ve had people comment and email me who were upset when I stopped blogging primarily about chastity/denial, and wrote more about, well, whatever the hell it is that I write about now. People become invested in the story, the world that you introduce, and once invested, they come to feel entitled – much the way that you get ticked off when your favorite sports team trades a player or does something stupid.

    Illegimanti non carborundum, if you catch my drift.

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