Frodo has a tag now – Welcome

It’s been an interesting week to say the least. First, due to the injury of a colleague, my entire week and travel schedule got turned around in an instant sending me across the country to Tarheel land with nary an extra pair of underwear to my name. The hotel took care of that for me with a nice $37 bill for dry-cleaning a pair of pants, a dress shirt and my undershirt and boxers – which were both delivered to me on hangers – a fact I am not happy with because I don’t need my underwear getting uppity by having a taste of the good life.

The, during all of this, a person named Star decided to visit the comment section of my last post and rip me to shreds over the “sinful lifestyle” I am leading personally and, yet again, decided that I should go straight to hell because I was leading a “family man” like Thumper down a dangerous path toward “infidelity in his bowels”, which is a probably one of the greatest lines in a long time, though I suspect she has no idea what she said. I left the comment there because as I was wavering between pissed off and being humored, I decided to just let you all be reminded of what kind of world we share so that you can think of that during the upcoming electoral seasons.

After a day or so, she came back and forth and provided a second line for me in which she described how I was de-masculining Thumper. First, I am not sure that is even a word and second, that is really not possible when you are talking about a man who can spend a week in the woods not showering, eating bark, and pooping behind trees who can then come home and rock a pair of capri pants. Trust me, if those pants don’t do it, nothing is going to de-masculine him.

I have to admit that these comments have bothered me more than I wanted them to, but I luckily don’t weight my self worth on what others say, so I figured I’d just leave them in and see what happens. I will say, I will block her the next time if this continues.

So, as I was being sent straight to hell for my penis being in a family man over a week ago, Thumper was in the Northeast having another penis put inside him (just up top) which I am sure I am to blame for in some form or fashion. For those of you foolish enough not to read his blog, Thumper went with Belle on a work trip to Boston where his best friend from high school and the best man at his wedding now lives, with his husband. Thumper calls him Frodo (on the blog, not in real life, I hope) and he is the one that Thump often references when he talks about having sex with guys in his youth and then being really awful to them later over and over again, thus causing angst among all parties. This week was different and the two of them connected again (which is described here).

I had suspected it would happen so I was not shocked to get a text from Thumper right after telling me what he had done and how much he enjoyed it. I was only disappointed because he has always talked about Frodo having the “perfect penis” so I was sad he had not taken pictures. He did say he thought it would be awkward to pull out a camera and say “this is for my boyfriend”, but whatever.

Thumper was happy and I was proud for him. In fact, I was a bit excited because I thought that finally, finally I could share some credit for “turning Thumper gay” and that maybe somebody in the world would say “poor Drew” in addition to the standard “poor Belle”. But, alas, the very first comment on his post about this was along the lines of “poor Belle” was indeed, sadly, only about her while at the same time, over on my blog, someone was damning me and my sinful penis to hell.

Seriously, as word spread around the inter webs I had several of those who read reach out to me to make sure I was okay with this act, including my muggle best friend who sent me a text saying “What’s this about this fellow named Frodo?” which cracked me up because I had no idea he read Thumper’s blog (turns out he does, though he does not read me because, as we decided, it’s a bit like seeing your brother naked). Axel did the same because, as he said, he just felt the need to be protective of me.

So, first and foremost. Yes, I am fine as I have no reason not to be. In my mind, how can I tell my husband it’s okay if he wants to go out and have sex with someone he cares about without applying the same standards to my boyfriend? I can’t have it both ways, nor would I expect that. The keyword there is “care about” which also implies trust and that falls right within everything Thump and I have discussed about what we do with each other and our others versus just casual, randomness. Also, full disclosure, the dom part of me kinda liked that he was servicing another guy, but that’s for another time and another place.

What I am laughing about is that this is another one of those areas where those of us who have evolved in thinking about relationships have no idea what the social protocol is. It’s like with gay weddings, you don’t know where to sit because they are both grooms or brides, what to wear, reception protocols, etc. People get so frazzled you wind up with screaming queens everywhere trying too fucking hard. With this, none of the people who reached out to me, including Axel, ACTUALLY thought I should think anything about it, but they all thought that the social protocol for the open couple at least meant they had to check.

So, officially, to you, Frodo, should you be reading this, have a great time and don’t ever be shocked if Thump’s got a bruise here or there. He likely deserved it. And, finally, for those who think I should be jealous, I am, but only of his penis.


      1. I like the images in the movie, “Defending Your LIfe”. In that film if you don’t measure up they send you back here. If you do, well they put you on an airport shuttle to some supposedly-better place. Maybe they play the home version of “Who’s Going To Hell?” I’m sure a pervert like me is taking the down elevator. That’s ok. I love dungeons!


  1. Well, its official Drew, I think you’re the illegitimate son of Mother Theresa and the Dalai Llama.

    Seriously very grown up response, and if Frodo is reading (and I hope thumper forwards it to him) hello from one town over from Hobbiton.


  2. Don’t bother deleting negative comments or responding, the purpose of blogging (at least to me) is to be provocative. It’s why there is a comment section . Getting people to look from a different prospective. Negitive comments serve the same purpose but those that post them are looking for a response, they want to push your buttons. If you respond or delete you satisfied them. So let them stand and those reading them might learn something, that life is like a kolidascop just a small turn and you get a different view.

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