Axel and his underwear. 

So, here we are, the night after Axel’s date. I am, care to guess, on a plane again trying to get home tonight. I have dealt with one flight cancellation, one delayed flight causing a missed connection and came really, really close to having to spend the night in a hub city and not get home until around noon tomorrow. But, through a few good strikes of luck combined with a really fancy jeweled frequent flyer status, the airline somehow bumped someone off the last flight out, which has been sold out, and here I now sit drinking Bailey’s on ice and having a brownie.

Anyway, the last few days have been interesting and I am so ready to get home just to make sure the normalcy is there, though I have no real worries about that. Last night was Axel’s first sexual encounter with the “boyfriends” (I am going to have to come up with a blog name for them soon) and apparently they really connected well, and, believe it or not, that makes me really happy. While he was with them, I had worried that I’d be in some weird funk or I’d be in a sad mood or something equally as stupid, but, nah, I honestly did not give him much thought until about 10:00 because I had not heard from him and he had specifically said he was planning to leave at 9ish. I didn’t really care and was certainly not worried, but it just became a top of mind thing that caught my attention and made me aware that somewhere in a city far away from where I was working, his penis was busy being attended to by two men, who I didn’t know, but who he trusted enough to stick his favorite body part inside them. So that was okay too.

Even that didn’t bother me, so I decided to just go to bed knowing he would text me his standard “rolling” when he was on his way home (for the record, I had given him permission to spend the night if he wanted, he just had to tell me). No sooner than I got all comfy and settled, he called and said “are you okay?”, which made me laugh, be happy, and the have a bit of sadness hoping I did not cloud his fun by him being worried. I told him I was “fine and was sound asleep” and that apparently was what he needed to hear and then I asked him, “well?”, and at that moment I knew he really liked them and that he had a good time, because he was happy. He asked me how much I wanted to hear, so I said, “anything you want to tell me” and he started talking like a Trekkie who had just been asked if Picard was better than Kirk. There was a tone in his voice that just told me all would be good and, yeah, I am sure it will be, so I’m good.

Two things to get past for me when I get home and both are admittedly silly, but the first time I touch or taste his penis I know myself and know I’ll certainly think about those boys and that they had it last. I am not sure if I will be happy, sad, or just turned on by this, but I know me and that’s just how I process. Second, apparently one of the boys has an underwear fetish and asked Axel to leave his that he had been wearing with him ( not my thing, but who am I to judge), so he did. Axel told me that this afternoon and I just laughed and then suddenly said, “wait, which pair?” because I just knew he thought he looked particularly good in this particular pair I bought him after looking for them in three stores and paying full price, and, I’ll be damned, those are now the briefs that boy is apparently sniffing or something. Dammit. Ax says he will get them back, but no way do I want to see them now. Geez. Also. If this becomes a thing, our brief budget is going to have to increase and I will surely be buying them at Nordstrom Rack versus Nordstrom now. Ha.

He can borrow my husband, but I might have to draw the line at borrowing his underwear! The pervert 😉

Also, as it turns out they want me to be a part of their threesome in the social mess aspect of it, not the sexual. So, this afternoon I got two Facebook friend requests and apparently we are all going to dinner Monday or Tuesday night next week too. So, there we go, a new chapter begins. The exact plot remains to be seen, but I am happy for all three and know that any awkwardness I may feel, I will get past.


(Finally, tomorrow I plan to write a bit about a fine post Thumper wrote today here. If you want to get ahead in the class and haven’t read it, you really should. There might be a test)


    1. Oh now, come on. I assume you are saying that because the pervert line or the borrowing part. Anyone who knows/reads me knows the was humor. I don’t care AT ALL if the boy loves to collect and keep it for whatever he likes, but I’m only saying that if that happens every time, he better not be giving away the ones I’ve made a point to buy him. That’s all.

      Oh, and no, I don’t want them back after. Nope.


  1. True… I do not know you… I do read you… I read it again …. Still seems judgy … It’s no biggie
    I know I am bringing my personal kinks into this … It’s an observation based on my experience
    And feeling…. Not your issue….


    1. Ohhhh, I just looked at the posted post versus the WordPress site I write it on – and on mine, there are a bunch of smiley emoticons after the “pervert” but they don’t appear on the final, so I can see where you are coming from, so sorry!

      Also, Thump and I call each other that as a term of endearment at times, so, just trust me, not meant to judge at all.


  2. So, travel issues strike again. I need to get a frequent flyer card with a few more jewels on it because I never get the upgrades you talk about…HA.

    On a more serious note: Picard or Kirk? I know which one I would choose!!

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