Axel and his boyfriends

The last ten days have been emotionally raw on many levels and the next few posts are going to describe a lot of that; however, I want to make it clear that the raw descriptor I am using really is one of the only words I can use to describe the level of conversation and feeling, but it is not one to describe my emotions or general feelings about the world as I actually had a pretty good week, though it was one of the more interesting ones I have had in a long time.

First, let’s start with an update on the Scotts. After dinner together last night and drinks at our home, I got to watch Axel cuddle with them a bit and it felt normal and fine and was not exclusionary by any means. He and Scott Jr are as cute together as a basket of golden retriever puppies in a field of wildflowers while he and Scott Sr, to my eye, look as if they are trying to force chemistry which is either nerves or something else that will sort out in time. But, we got to this place over the week because I, me, Drew, showed his panties on Tuesday and drew a line in the sand. As I told you, when we threw away the “Drew’s expectation for Axel and one boyfriend” things got much more relaxed and social and I found myself less and less jealous and more inclined to be a part of their world in whatever way that was going to work. What grew from that was this “plan” that the four of us would have a lovely social friendship but, they – meaning the threesome, thought that all references to, indications of, and any eye wink that might point toward the naked time they experience had to be scrubbed, which essentially meant that we would immediately begin this with a wall drawn up and a weird, fake relationship as a foursome. That is where I drew the line in the sand because I would not have that and, as odd as it may sound to all of you, I want them to be and do whatever they feel like doing in front of me because I do not want anything hidden and I want 100 percent honesty, as you all know. Now, I am not saying I want to watch them have sex (yet), but I am saying that things like sitting on the couch next to each other, or kissing hello when greeting, or even conversation about whatever happened is fine with me as I will not tolerate a fake friendship where when I am there they act as if they have never seen each other naked. That’s silly and is why I drew said line, because, if they were going to insist on that, then I wanted nothing to do with them. That put Axel in a weird spot because he wanted me to be “inside” and that meant he would have to choose (a decision he placed on himself, not imposed by me), but he was willing to do that and, luckily, all went fine and now we are growing as this foursome of sorts where I am not completely the outsider and can say things openly and honestly to them without fear of the imaginary line being crossed. Also, Axel and I made a pact that nothing will be hidden from them and, while they don’t know much of anything yet, they do know that my boyfriend has a metal penis and that I have a few particular kinks I really, really enjoy too though we have not gotten to the point of disclosing those details yet, but one day I am sure we will.

As for the chastity aspect of it, last night they asked more about Thump’s metal and I showed them a picture and, shockingly, Axel jumped in and explained everything about how he sees the benefits of male chastity and, using Thumper as an example, started listing all the positive things it could do. As I mentioned, we did not reveal that I had a lock on my dick at that stage because, even when your husband is fucking your friend, I still think new kinks need to be eased into and forcing ours on them this soon is just not something I feel is right but do think it will all be pieced together as time builds and that is okay as well. Interestingly, I did really enjoy listening to Ax describe Thump because you would think that rabbit was a superhero based on the things he said such as “without having regular orgasms he has built a very successful company or two, has improved his marriage with Belle, is able to focus on his kids more, and, annnnnnd runs all the time and has channeled it into fitness” or something like that. It was cute on two levels because one, he wanted to make sure that my boyfriend looked like a rock star to his boyfriends and, two, that he knew so much and has gained such an interest over the last year. He even went so far as to mention my friend in Canada that makes “adult jewelry”(like wtf is that?) and that we had had him design a few things. I just sat there and smiled really big while thinking that if these boys don’t start getting a clue based on these things, then we have bigger issues with comprehension.

As for the rest of the week, I am going to put that in a separate post next because it’s going to be lengthy and I am trying hard to not make each post take more than 20 minutes to read, but, in summary, these are good guys and I think the details will just work out as things progress.

Oh, just to be an ass, well, just because, our dinner last night was at the great Thai place here. Each of them ordered the Pad Thai and I had Fried Rice with beef, just because. Axel kept asking me if I wanted to try his and I giggled every time I said “naw, you know I only like that in certain situations”.


  1. I really am happy that things are going well and that you are sharing your journey with us. Changes are never easy but the communication that you have with Axel and the openness that you need and he is willing to share are going to be so helpful to you. I was wondering like everyone else and glad to see that you are feeling positive.

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