Look Better Naked – Fall Edition

So, I promised it was time to shut down the blog drama and go to a happier place and, I thought, why not do it with some Sinful Sunday pictures. If you follow me on Twitter, these will not be new to you as they have been posted over the last two weeks, but, if you don’t, well here I am.

If you remember waaaaaaaaay back in the February or so, I made this big deal that failed miserably about getting back in shape, putting up a naked shot, and checking in on Fitocracy every time I stepped foot in the gym. Well, that plan failed miserably because, well, I think I sneezed one time and that changed every single plan but about two months ago I revisited my plan and have quietly gone back to work and am finally, finally starting to be happy with the results. BUT, there is still a master plan and if I am going to walk around naked showing off the Steelwerks, well, work continues

So, in honor of #SinfulSunday:

rIMG_0774 (1)





  1. Okay, so what is this online “points” workout program you and everyone on Twitter is using. I need a little motiviation to get going again. BTW, great pictures. I truly enjoy looking at the human body….female and male alike!


  2. Love the pics! I know that I already said that on Twitter, but thought I’d say it again. You look great–no failure. Glad that you have a master plan. Can’t wait to see the results 🙂


  3. Woa, that looks great man.
    I am only curious how your belly might look (pretty sure it looks just as hot).

    But what really makes my day are the guns (and the nipple and the chest that you seem to want to hide) you show off in the first pic, that you are using as your twitter pic.

    Keep up the good work

    (by the way I don’t just stare at your pictures, your writing (all steamy, funny and thoughtful parts alike) is worth visiting your blog just as much, just so you know)

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