The Boyfriend Comparison

Last night Axel and I were laying in bed having one of those pre-sleep cuddling conversations and we started playfully one upping each other in the negative way (you will see). He had just had one of those extra relationship text messages that could have been taken 19.7 different ways, so he was just wondering if he should text back to clarify or just wait. It was midnight, so he waited, but, what followed was something like this:

Axel: I am so jealous that you and Thumper have all this stuff down and don’t have to play these silly coy games anymore.

Me: Well, those were kind of fun in a sense, you will see and maybe miss them one day. At least you three are still in that coy stage, after a year we just lay it out there.

Axel: I know, I know, it’s just so hard scheduling. I mean, they live in (suburb 17 miles away) and after work it’s tiring…

Me: Are you really going to complain about that to me? Mine is 700 miles away and we need three assistants, two iPhones, a Macbook and an abacus to sometimes coordinate our schedules.

Axel: It’s just hard, they have the puppy and the …

Me: Um, wife, two kids, a company to run…

It went on for a few more, which never ever compared physical anything, and stayed fun, but it just made me giggle in my head a bit about how funny life is at times and how much I adore him.

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