Thumper’s Ass

I have a few quiet moments on a Sunday morning before what I can only describe as a week of pure hell will begin. This afternoon I fly to one city, spend the night, have a four hour meeting tomorrow and, from there, embark on a series of meetings, planes, trains, and rental cars that take place in six cities between then and Wednesday night when I land in the Windy City for three solid days of “team building” and “mentoring”. So, all in all, I will be getting back from the week I am about to start almost exactly one week from right now. Even writing that exhausted me.

So, while I had this moment I wanted to switch the tone of the blog from the recent deeper to stuff to talk about Thumper’s ass. Because, well, it’s post worthy.

This last week marked our year anniversary of meeting and next week, coincidently, on the same day I will be with him, will mark the first anniversary of me officially meeting one of my favorite orifices deep down and in person. His ass is something to behold both because of what it can hold and for the fact that it just looks so damn good doing it. But, for me, his ass has represented a freedom I had never let myself have before and by doing what I have been able to do to it, I have found confidence in my sexual topping abilities and, for that, I feel like I should say thanks to him on behalf of Axel here too.

Seriously. I have done, seen, and tasted things this year that, well, none of that matters now.

Anyway, in my head the above was much more funny than it turned out in type, but, I am going with it because, especially due to the heavier mood of late, the interwebs have not been shown enough pictures of the rabbit ass and I have clearly not been discussing that, or the bisexual bunny tongue, nearly enough. But, that’s life and when you have a boyfriend on the side, you take the ups and the downs and you enjoy both (right now that has made me want to break out into the Facts of Life TV song). It’s an especially good word too when the relationship has a kink element to it as well, because you can dissect the word depending on the mood and have a boy, a friend, or both at the same time. We are flexible like that.

So, in honor of said ass, here it is, glowing after a fun afternoon:

Processed with VSCOcam with n2 preset

Finally, because of recent events and those commenters, I feel like I should add a disclaimer here that next week when I am with him, I may not even see the orifice in question and that’s just fine too because he’s taking care of him right now and he owes me both Thai and Pizza, so we will be busy anyway. As with all disclaimers, your mileage may vary, use only as directed, and please seek help if your erection last for more than four hours.


  1. I’m a poly person who just had to have the “No it’s not cheating” discussion again when a friend asked if I wore my ring while I’m with my boyfriend. I adore that Thumper’s ring is in this pic!

    Also, nice ass, obviously

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    1. Do you wear your ring? It’s never even occurred to me to take mine off and his stays on too. Well, both of his stainless symbols of his marriage stay on, in fact 🙂


    2. I thought the very same thing about his ring. I also had the thought that Thumper is so fortunate that it’s a nondescript ring which will not disclose his identity to those whom he would rather not reveal it. If I were the picture posting type I would have to take mine off lest I should hear a chorus of I knew it was you!

      Yeay, Thumper’s tush!


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