Belle. Is. Real.

I just got home after spending a day and a half with Thumper that, in several ways, might go down as one of my favorite visits for reasons I never had even considered. However, before we get to that point, I thought I would say happy anniversary to the blog because one year ago today I met Thumper for the first time physically (and, by that, I mean phy-si-cal-ly) which led to my guest star role on Denying Thumper that led to this blog.

<insert anniversary horn sound here in your mind>

So, for those who follow both of us, I think you know something is amiss in the land of Thumper. He hasn’t felt like himself in a while and, as you also know, he is taking steps to fix that and to understand what’s driving those feelings. During this time, he’s not writing as much, tweeting as much, and the “I wish you’d come fuck me” texts have virtually dried up, but he is okay and is still excelling at life just as he always has. He’s working out more too, and from across the table at a Chinese restaurant the night before last, I watched his growing pecs stretch and flex and that turned me on to no end, cause the hot man is even hotter and even more DILFier than he was a year ago. But, that is another story for another day, as this one is about some of the basics as to why I liked this visit, even though we did not see each other naked even once.

Going into this visit I told you that I had no expectations of anything sexual and I truly did not. I am not going to lie and tell you it was not on my mind, and, if he had walked into my swanky hotel room all swanky himself and ready to rumble, I would have had my penis in my hand in seconds and would have been ready to go to town, but, he did not walk in like that at all. He walked in with a look on his face like someone had just stolen his kitten. He was happy to see me, his friend, or even his boyfriend (and I knew that even though with that steel cock he always looks happy to see everything) but I could tell in five seconds that he was nervous as fuck about seeing me, his sexual partner and sometimes tormentor, because he wasn’t in a place for that and he so did not want to disappoint me and I, in turn, was nervous as fuck thinking he was thinking that. In addition to that, he felt guilty that I had come there “for nothing” which was ALMOST as stupid as Ben Carson because I came there for him, not his ass but for him, my friend, my boyfriend even, because in the last month or two we have both gone through a lot of shit individually and, sex or no sex, I just wanted to see him and spend some time in the non virtual world which I think is called real life.

Now, in all honesty, he was not in the “sex with men is repulsive” place he had been in last summer and with a drink, a tickle, and a slap or two I likely could have gotten a blow job, but, while it was nice to think about, my promise to always hurt him but never harm him meant too much to me to even try.

Over the next evening and day, we drank fruity shake like things, ate a lot of Asian food, shopped for sex toys for our spouses and then shopped for pants for ourselves (he got some jeans that make his ass even more dreamy and I got a new pair of plain plane pants) and, just like always, he made me feel like I had just crawled out of a twenty year sleep inside a bunker in Indiana with his wiz bang use of technology and fancy acronyms that I suspect he had just made up right at that exact moment.

We were normal and we had fun and we did not have to be naked to do that.

Of course we talked about “things” but 90 percent of those “things” are not mine to share, so I won’t, though one particular conversation led us to talk about both of the blogs and the comments we have received. During that, it was pretty clear that we have each internalized a lot of the negativity of a few far more than I think either had realized and that struck something in me that I will be sharing in the next post after I figure out how I want to actually say it.

I said earlier that in some ways this was one of my favorite visits and that remains true even though neither of us had that spring in our steps we did a year ago when we were “stupid in horny”. I say that because, sex or not, this time proved unequivocally that in a relationship as unique as ours, friendship trumps sex every single time. I can get sex anywhere (in theory of course), but a boy-friend in the true sense of the word, is much harder to find and I am happy to stick with the one I have regardless of whether I leave him battered and non-sated or not.

Finally, and probably the most important part of the post as it solves an eight year mystery, we stopped by his house to get his wallet he had “forgotten” (his attempted way of trying to make me pay for lunch and the three dollar valet tip) and, through the giant window in the front of his house (which must be a bitch to keep clean), right there, right there in front of me, I got to see with my own eyes, the often rumored but never before verified, Belle Fille and, get this, despite popular rumors, she was not surrounded by a fog of hurt, pain, or even betrayal. There wasn’t even a mist of sorrow surrounding her.

Thank goodness, all those prayers must have really worked!

Belle is real!

FYI – Fifteen things for the commenters to save some time:

  1. We did not “break up”, agree to “go steady” or any of that nonsense.
  2. We plan to have even more deprived dirty sex in the future.
  3. When together, we are not cheating on anything but our diets.
  4. Belle did not see me.
  5. Yes, I think Ben Carson really is fucking stupid.
  6. Nobody really stole Thumper’s kitten.
  7. Our not having sex had nothing to do with prayer.
  8.  My usage of the wording “phy-si-cal-ly” means we fucked.
  9. Thumper is still bisexual.
  10. He really did forget his wallet and he owes me the $3.
  11. Yes, I think he was actually happy I came to visit.
  12. Axel and Belle were not harmed in the making of this visit.
  13. In truth, we did touch five times when he punched me in Nordstrom’s.
  14. Again, we did not break up. We are not in high school.
  15. I still both like and plan to hurt him again.


  1. Congratulations on your 1st anniversary. Pity it hasnt been as enjoyable as it should have been. I’m sorry that you both have to put up with the trolls and bigots. It’s easy to say just ignore them but obviously some of the comments are causing hurt. Look forward to your next post.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy Anniversary to you & Thumper. And thanks so much for sharing with us the ins and outs of your relationship! I look forward to your next post 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is so nice it made me smile. Which as you know I’d getting into blood/stone territory.

    I’ve joked that it must be tough to be the posterboys of poly within this little fandom, but you, and I mean the two of you, your friends and whanau, really are an inspiration that you can do these things right and well and that even though you’ll face problems and speed bumps your collective support of each other keeps you strong.

    And credit to you Drew for giving thumper what he needs whether it’s a skullfuck or a Chinwag. As much as our febrile minds would love a ribald tale of how you got shoulder deep or strained your wrist from walloping him, this is pretty bloody awesome too.

    Better stop before this sport based endorphin rush fades. If it helps I was praying you would have sex, but I’m a really, really, really bad catholic, so don’t think I have much sway with the boss.

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  4. Excellent post Drew. I left one on Thumper’s blog earlier about you two and my worries for you. Please don’t be so dark. I miss happy fun sadist you.


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