“The Axel”

Well, right now, somewhere in Montreal, the shipping company is picking up the beautiful new chastity device called “The Axel” that Thumper and I designed during our trip to visit the amazing Christopher Miers who is the genius behind Steelwerks Extreme.

Here is a preview pic of this and, maybe, just maybe, I will post one, two, or seventy eight when I get it late tomorrow.



  1. As much as I enjoy the shiny steely metal look, as one of the 27 people who bought The Fort, it’s har…, er, difficult to wear that kind of weight on your junk all day.

    Looks awesome, tho…


      1. I spent a month with the Fort: at work, working outside, golfing, etc. I needed very snug underwear for support because by the end of the day I was just sore from being weighted down.


      2. I actually can’t say I remember that. The Steelheart is definitely heavy but I have found IU rather like that. This will come this afternoon and I will weigh it on the kitchen scale, but I actually worry it may be too light,


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