The Axel from Steelwerks Extreme

Aboot two months ago I wrote this post about my trip to Canada to visit Chris the artist and owner of Steelwerks Extreme to be measured for my very own custom chastity device. That device arrived on my doorstep two days ago and the following is a bit aboot this Canadian piece of art, how it came to be, and what it’s like to install it on oneself for the very first time. I honestly haven’t worn it enough yet to give it a full review, but I can say right now that if I were to write one right now, it would be glowing. There is plenty of time in the months ahead to talk about how we use it, as we are not a couple that fits the traditional chastity lifestyle, but for now, it’s all about the titanium.


The device itself is called the “Axel” named both after my husband who wanted this device for me and re-named because I have a really bad memory of a woman named Tiffany and I did not want to think about that every time I touched my penis. In reality, it’s a slightly modified version of the Steelwerks Extreme “Tiffany” that is made up of a steel tube with a titanium cap and a set of titanium cock rings which include a scrotal cuff that, according to Chris, is like having a “gentle hand tugging your balls all day“. The modifications are slight, but they include a slot that is cut into the bottom of the cap to allow my curved barbell PA insert to connect on the outside of the device, thus rendering it absolutely inescapable, though the scrotal cuff pretty much does that too. In addition, we altered the colors of the trim which includes a two toned cap that is blue on the inside, giving a really nice peek of color viewed from the front.

When I ordered this with Chris, I was cautious about trying not to demand too much change to his original art, but that was a worry I soon forgot as he was in touch with me on every single detail of the design, the cutting, the measuring, and the final product. My device took about two months from start to finish, but in reality, he had a two week vacation and a complete move of his shop from one location to another, so some of that time was spent simply waiting, which I knew about from the outset, by the way. In all honesty, months back when Chris and I designed my barbell, we began a friendship that bled over into this product execution, but I really think our relationship had very little to do with the outcome as I know he spends just as much time with everyone he designs for at each and every step (but I am sure I am just more delightful). He’s slow, detailed, driven and often cranky, but the amount of time, energy and precision that goes into each device is simply unbelievable and, in the end, you get a piece of jewelry that happens to keep you from touching your own jewels.



Throughout the process, Chris used the word “install” over and over again and it took until it was in my hands and about to be on my man parts, before I really understood that this is not the average chastity device. His patented S screws are a force to be reckoned with and they are everywhere locking that bad boy down. When I opened the box, I was actually perplexed about how to actually put it on and Chris being Chris offered to FaceTime with me to help me step by step. Of course, me being me, I could not wait that extra ten minutes it was going to take him, so I started without him and was able to get 90 percent of it on before he called. He was really impressed and I was really proud until I dropped the tiniest of the silver S screws right on to my kitchen floor where it not only blended in with the silver slate floor, it rolled under the big silver gas range that is nearly impossible to get under. So, poor Chris got to talk to me AND watch me as I laid in the floor with my naked ass in the air trying desperately to find it, which I did, right after I had given up.

With the tiny screw now in hand, he guided me through the final installation steps right until at the very last we realized that my existing curved barbell was not long enough to go through the bottom to lock into place. I was troubled by this, but he quickly pointed out that it can just stay inside the cage until we get that sorted out and then everything was right as rain once again. In fact, I rather like it in the cage, but for the stream of urine I want to have, I am looking forward to getting the new one soon.


I have struggled with the actual wording to use here, because the fit is, to use the standard phrase, “like a glove”. With the steel tube centered between the titanium ends, the weight is centered on the shaft creating a balance I actually never realized was missing from my previous devices. I can only liken it to the feeling you get driving an old school RWD BMW that has a perfect 50/50 weight balance on a twisty two lane going way to fast.

The actual fit while on is just perfect. The rings are a tad smaller than what I was used to and the first night I wore it I had a bit of burning, but with the right amount of lube underneath that went away fast. I wore it the first night with just the regular ring and the second night with the ring and cuff and I have to say, contrary to what I thought it would be, I like the way the one with the cuff feels much better. It really is like that gentle hand tugging and I like how it tucks my balls away a bit bringing the shaft down to almost the perfect spot when standing or sitting.

Those S Screws

The beauty of the S screw is in its simplicity because its simply a screw with a s pattern on the top. Since I already had two keys from the barbell, the Axel did not come with any extra, a devious trick from Chris that is actually only right as we can’t have them just laying around. Once the screws are in place, they allow the device to be 100 percent secure while also allowing flexibility in the metal, something else I had not experienced with previous devices. This. Device. Is. Secure.

That said, when the mood strikes, it’s as detailed to take off as it is to get on and, when sent to remove it to have a, well,  rendezvous, the mood can almost run out in the time it takes to remove which, I guess, is the cruel trick of the Steelwerks experience.


Over the next few weeks I will be wearing it in various forms before any solid rules are put in place regarding its use. With my life existing almost as much in the air as it does on the ground, one of the beauties of this design is that I can wear the ring and cuff, locked on, 24/7 and get that “ownership” feeling I crave without the actual cage. I say this because this amount of titanium will pass through airport security, I hope.


After this NSFW warning jump, of course.

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  1. It looks awesome and intimidating at the same time. The scrotal cuff is probably the most ingenious piece of the device…scary yet…comfortable?


    1. Am I understanding the pictures right? Is the “cuff” on your balls and extra than can be left off?

      With the cuff on, is that device comfortable for heavy activity?


      1. I wonder what that looks like. And what about wearing it with briefs? Please keep us informed. It is a great device you have! I would like to try it!


  2. My gf had me pierced…as a surprise!. I was taken to be tattooed on my balls and cock(gf’s initials) but the artist advised against it, so I got a Prince Albert; 6 months later my guiche was done. My gf bought me one of the SWE devices, but it wasn’t for us, so she did my guiche and ‘pulled me back’ for chastity. I treasure the SWE device but for practical chastity, a pull back and a lock is great!


      1. Im really curious as to how secure is this axel device, without piercing or urethral tube, does the scrotal cuff foil any attempt to pull out?


  3. I have been trying to work out how secure such a device is without piercing. Can the scrotal cuff prevent pulling out the back?


    1. I can, but the scrotal cuff is more a play item than an everyday one because it’s really obvious in pants and is not super comfortable after a day or two


      1. So, without using a piercing or insert, just the cuff, how would you rate the security out of 10?


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