Friendly Blogging Benefits

It’s Friday night down under and, at home, everyone I love is (I hope) sleeping soundly. Traveling through timezones is a strange enough feeling, but crossing the international date line is just a bizarre thing and once you acclimate, it’s generally time to go home.

While this can be a lonely feeling, I also know how lucky I am in many respects as I get to see the world on someone else’s dime. When I started blogging a year ago, I had no idea that what started out as something that would chronicle sexual adventures with the boyfriend and the husband would also allow me to meet some of the best, most interesting people in the world.

Tonight I spent time, albeit virtually, with my friend Kiwi (@fitstep) and it was a fun time bouncing stories off of each other and gossiping about everyone else. He’s a kinky little perverted fuck, but that adds to his adorableness, and over the last year we clicked and I am proud to call him my friend. Had it not been for this venue, I can’t fathom how else we’d have met, so score one for the blog.

Tomorrow morning I get on a plane to fly across the outback to see my Australian girlfriend Ferns. We have met before so there is no nervousness in meeting again, but this amazingly beautiful articulate woman who, coincidently, is also kinky as fuck (I seem to have a pattern in attracting friends) is one of the wonderful side benefits to blogging one never really thinks about and that is well worth any time spend writing.

And, next week, I get to meet someone whose blog I have followed for a long time and who has followed mine for drinks and to chat about all things kink as well. He reached out to let me know we are in close proximity this week and I am so excited because I have admired him from afar for multiple reasons. I did not get his permission to out him in this format yet, but he’s gay professional white collar pretty man by day, but an owned slave by night, and I can’t wait to get to know him better and to learn from him.

Finally, Steelwerks Chris and I made a joke weeks ago about The Axel traveling more than most of his devices ever will and we laughed about me taking pictures of it at places like that stupid little stick man that made his way around the world. While I assume he meant that I should be in the device with the picture, he never specified, so these pics are the start of what will likely be a series of “where is the Axel” when I am somewhere interesting and before it goes back on me after being on a flight.

Will I do it more than twice before forgetting? Stay tuned.noexif_IMG_1559_private


  1. By the way, it looks as if I am going to be in your’s and Axel’s part of the world early next year. If the stars align I would love to sit down for a drink!!!

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