Magical Testicles

Over the last few days, I have become more aware of my testicles than I had ever thought possible. And, even though I am mad at them at this exact moment, they have been a delight to me this week in ways I never really realized they could be.

It’s all because of the Axel, well, the first half of it specifically.

As you may remember from my review here, Chris at Steelwerks and I designed this together to help me be able to keep something locked on me while also having something locked in me (which is what Axel likes versus orgasm denial) at all times despite my frequent travel and need to go through metal detectors and screenings in airports and government buildings without delays or issues that might affect my clearance levels, something that would kill my job if changed.

What we came up with (I say this as if it was an incredible breakthrough versus something he has offered for years) is the two part design which is the locked cock ring which has a locked scrotal cuff attached to it. This is 100 percent titanium and can be worn through detectors with no issue and then a separate cage that attaches when I am safe and secure inside a hotel or at home. It’s a brilliant thing, in theory and I have now worn the ring and cuff, for four days now without many issues.

I have said before that I have always been fascinated by the design but thought the cuff would be not very comfortable and I am here to say how wrong I was. In fact, I feel so strongly about this design sans cage that I told Chris he should sell this as a stand alone option for kinky men who are allowed to come when they want yet who like to always be reminded that someone at home literally holds the key to their balls. Throughout the week I have walked, run, worked out, and sat and it’s truly been one of the most erotic feelings during each and every activity. The way the cuff works in tandem with natural movement is truly like someone with a silky titanium glove just gently tugging your testicles at every second of the day. Ironically, this feeling has brought back those random seventh grade erections all too frequently this week thus creating some awkward moments, especially since I am a heavy leaker and make quite a scene in my man part pant area when erect and clothed. Despite that youthful inconvenience, it’s been so freaking fun in so many ways this week.

I have tried to add the cage part at night, but until I get the new curved barbell in my PA, that is just not going to work as it’s gotten caught a few times resulting in a lot of blood, but oddly no pain. When I get home I can switch to a ring or another piece and I am sure they will work together fine, but I just didn’t bring those with me to this foreign land so I have to be all breezy until then. Actually, Axel has given me full rights to do anything I want with my penis, but I am finding that just this part of the cage on my dick makes the orgasm effort just different enough that I have yet to find a way to make it come to fruition. Though, I feel I should say that you should not be worried about me as I have faith and drive and I will continue to try, and even try some more, just to make sure this is possible. Though, that said, the real irony in all of this is Steelwerks creates a device that is supposed to keep you from being erect, that when used this way, creates erections yet you still can’t orgasm. That is just mind-fuck chastity and shows, yet again, the extreme talent that Steelwerks has and probably didn’t even know it.

Now, the downside.

As with any device one puts around one’s privates, it takes some coordination to figure out how much lube to place and when. This morning I was starting to feel some burning so I added some lotion, ginger-mandarin, to be specific (I didn’t have lube in my bag), and, like all lotion, that dried up in about two hours so I added more and went about my day. It was almost right at the spot when I was supposed to speak to the group I was with with I stood and felt this odd pull, this weird pinch, and I swear I heard myself involuntarily gasp and, as it turns out, I added too much lotion, and my gingerly orangish balls had slipped to freedom leaving me sitting on a dangling cuff between my legs as I didn’t have the key to unlock it nor the fortitude to push them back through. I really don’t know how that happened and even tonight, when they are back in place, I can’t see how, which has led me to the ultimate conclusion that I must surely have magical testicles, as that is the only solution that could be valid.

Of course, reversing this, after a shower and a re-cuffing before my date tonight with the Sydney slave I had mentioned, I decided to go light on the lube and paid for that the entire evening as he surely had to wonder why I kept adjusting my pants the whole time. Though to be fair, just being in his presence and feeling the energy he gave off caused a significant physical reaction all evening that also warranted crotch area adjustment, so I am hoping he took all my handy action as a sign of my attraction to him versus a burning itch. (story on this tomorrow)(maybe)

Now, I am back in my room all showered and slick, down there, and the titanium glove is once again caressing just the right way as I stare down there waiting on more magic.



  1. So much to love with this post…7th grade erections (yes, girls noticed 😉 ), the irony and your dedication, ginger mandarin balls, meeting a slave that must have missed in a previous post. Thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning. 🙂

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