Submissive Learnings

Hello and good Saturday morning from Sydney where I am wrapping up my twelve days here in grand style. In fact, holiday with Axel here aside, this trip was my absolute favorite of the 17 or 18 trips I have taken here over the last two years. That said, it’s also the saddest because my job is to come in, find out what is wrong, tear apart a team to fix it, design a new program for success, and finally hire and train the right people to take it forward and all of those things have happened here thus eliminating their need for my brilliance. Will I come back on this job, maybe or maybe not. Like everything else in life, it’s going to depend on the followup I do. However, having been all over the globe, I feel I can speak this with some authority, and say that Australia in general and Sydney in specific is my happy place. I find beauty, peace, and an energy here in ways I never experience anywhere else in the world.

So, the last eleven days down under have been very nice (yet I am still dying to get home). Work was hard but actually immediately fulfilling, which was a  surprise because I expected just the opposite, and through the time this trip, I was lucky enough to spend the day with the wickedly amazing woman named Ferns, spent significant time FaceTiming with Kiwi since we are only two hours apart versus our standard 19, met a blog reading slave earlier in the week (who deserves his own post soon) after he reached out to say we where in the same city and that he liked the blog, and met a Master who I have talked to via recon for years and he, in turn, wanted me to meet his boy to discuss chastity, which I did yesterday. We arranged a lunch meeting, which turned into a very unexpected afternoon and evening that has significantly changed my viewpoint moving forward. And, almost as importantly, the events of the past week have really changed my thoughts even going backwards because I learned more about myself and my switch side (a post to come one day). I could honestly hear some of the sub things I was learning about subs who identify as that completely coming out of Thumper’s mouth, and all those things, combined, gave me a feeling of renewed excitement for what occurred in the past, a much deeper understanding of the current state of affairs, and solidified with me that there indeed can be a bright future as I have now had role models who, when giving their history when learning and growing as a kinky person, told tales very similar to some of the stuff Thump and I have kicked around 72.7 different ways as we tried to understand our own mental challenges. However, this is not about that, so let’s discuss the couple yesterday in more detail.

In true Duality fashion, I am going to give them the pseudonyms of Wolf and pup, because it’s fitting in a few ways when you see the hairy Sir contrasted by the smooth sub. Wolf is in his forties, in great shape, and is a beautiful man inside and out. He’s European, has a strong accent, and just projects dominance in the room, to the point that I wanted to immediately remove my clothes when walking into his home. His slave, is in his 30’s, very white collar professional by day, highly educated, and is both cute and incredibly attractive, as often those two don’t go together even when one thinks they should. They have been together a few years and met under a pretense of Sir/boy, but as their relationship has grown to that of true love and an equal partnership, they have evolved the Master/slave life to fit within the realms of partner when needed, slave when needed, and a, though close, never fully equal dynamic within their household.

Since we had discussed chastity all through lunch and how he thought he would react, I offered to bring the Axel to him to try on so he could get a feel and that is what I did (I was out of it already for the flight today). He met me at the train station and we walked to their house and immediately walked in to find the Wolf standing there naked as we had surprised him on his way to the shower (it was miserably hot in Sydney yesterday 45c/108f). That was rather delightful for me, and I know he was not even embarrassed by that, but as we talked, I watched pup go about getting his work stuff off, putting his collar on, and then he went naked from that point forward as that is the rule of their house, even when in not full Master/slave mode. As we talked, Wolf and I sat on the couch and pup sat on the floor somewhat nuzzling his Master, but also completely owning his own space down there as if it was the most natural of places to be.

I think in my mind I always thought in those situations the slave would turn into a droid like creature, but he didn’t. He stayed the same man who I enjoyed a conversation with at lunch but now he just happened to be naked with a chain locked around his neck sitting on the floor and he held just a regular conversation about everything with Wolf, although he used a great deal more respect than I would typically see a couple have for each other, if that makes sense. While it was very clear who owns who, it was not clear who loves who more, and that was something my mind needed to see to process when thinking about Dom/sub relationships.

Now, because he was a tad excited (I know, I know, seeing me does that to people sometimes – ha), he had an erection made of steel, so we tried hard to get that to go down as I described what I imagined dead puppies might look like on a beach while his grandmother frolicked with them while naked. That worked just enough to get the ring and the cuff on, and after a few more stories about grandmother blow jobs and kittens forever stuck in trees, he was soft enough that Wolf, with a bit of help from me, was able to get the Axel locked on him.

When it was there, he was, dare a say, in heaven. I so much enjoyed looking at him as he both fought the fact that he now owned this fantasy while balancing it against the fact that he had likely just sealed his fate as a locked boy for many years to come (which he deserves as he had just had an unauthorized self pleasure session early the prior morning). While he processed those feelings, I processed how proud I was to be able to help someone else in that way Thumper had helped me, as well as the fact that Axel would so love to know it might lead to another boy locked down long term. The second thought that struck me was how unbelievably beautiful it is on a body since that is a vantage point I never get to see. Granted, pup has a body that puts mine to a huge amount of shame, but nonetheless, I think I have to look pretty good in it too.

We bonded for life with that moment which, in actuality, translates to the fact we all became Facebook friends, but, again, watching them together just made my whole day. Also, I am not going to lie and say I wish Axel had not been asleep at home so I could have called and gotten permission to join the boy, but, there is always the next trip for those things and I think my mind needed this more so than anything else. This morning, Axel was excited to hear this story and left me wondering as he said, “let’s put some of that in practice when you get back”

Finally, to slave (subgetsowned), slave (pup), Master (Wolf), and Ferns (Australian Girlfriend):

THANK YOU for such a great week and for all of the education you provided me, most likely without knowing you were doing it. I feel more “healed” than I have in a long while and told Thumper that this morning when we talked for a bit about this and that and my desire to find a really strong group of regular, yet kinky as fuck “just guy” friends. I think that made him happy as well, and it makes me just feel good about whatever the future holds.

P.S. – If anyone wants to apply for that kinky club, just let me know (yes, Kiwi, you are already in)



  1. I love the Wolf and pup story SO MUCH! Not just for the pleasure you felt or for your reaction (though I loved both of those), but as a reminder for me also.

    I’d almost forgotten how incredibly sweet D/s can be. How is that even possible?

    Heart warming.


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  2. As usual I am able to take away something from your experiences and tuck it away. Thank you for always sharing.
    I think that seeing Ds in another relationship can be a good reminder for anyone. It’s hard on the blog to really envision what life looks like cause meanings and vocabulary is different for each couple. But I think it can help you remember why you live like you do. Help you recharge and maybe even strengthen your desire and will. We don’t have anyone in real life to see live like us and some times I wish we did. Just to have that couple to understand. To share things with. To watch.
    Sounds a like an amazing trip.

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  3. This post saddened me so much because I thought you might have learned your lesson and decided to stay with you “husband” in a monogamous relationship after Thumper decided you were not worth the trouble you were causing him by you as the gay couple being “open”.

    And your people talk about being so offended when the conservatives talk about recruiting others to your group and yet this us exactly what you have done.

    I’ll pray for you this holiday season.


  4. Loved that post and just jealous I was t the sub you met to dissuade chastity! In Sydney too and always keen to make new kinky friends. Love to connect to discuss the kinky lifestyle when you are back in Sydney!


      1. Just read most of the posts here whilst on vacation. Amazing experiences. Like I said next time you’re in Sydney I would be really keen for a drink and a chat if You get a chance. I am on recon if that is an easier way to connect.


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