Rule Number 22

Rule Number 22:

“Number 22 – Never let Thanksgiving Day go past without writing your thanks for what was new that year”.

Last year,  I posted my first ever kinky Thanksgiving version of my Rule 22, which, in summary is essentially this:

So, Rule Number 22? This goes back to my early days when for some reason (I think I saw it in a movie) I created a list of 27 rules to live my life by on or around my 16th birthday. Although it’s been edited or added to through the years, I carried this tattered piece of paper around in my wallet every day of my life until what is now known and the “great washer incident” of 2013 when I accidentally washed my wallet and disintegrated the already disintegrating list. Luckily, I had taken pictures of it and have those stored, but it’s not the same without that paper.


The post I did last year goes back to some pretty basic stuff and was written toward the end of my first kinky month with the rabbit, so I focused on what I was thankful for at that stage in our new relationship and with the burgeoning world of kink coming more my way by the day, I really had no idea what the next year would bring. But, as Rule 22 clearly states, I am to write my thanks for what was new since last Thanksgiving, so, be warned, this year’s list may be long.

That said, for 2015, in my kinky world, I am thankful for the following:

My perverted friends.

This year, my Twitter world opened up to several new, rather deep, online relationships where a few have turned into actual real life friendships. While there is much more to say, I specifically want to say I am thankful for Kiwi, Ferns, Hapa, Pierced Tex, Dutchbound, and Subgetsowned for opening up with me and blending our real life worlds and kinky subcultured worlds into a fun mix of the day to day mixed with witty discussions that have just made my world that much more special.

My blog friends:

Caged Lion, Chaste Cyclist, Nerdy Dirty Girl, Tom Allen,  Mary (the English one, not the mean one), Mrs. Fever, Andy (or Ruffled or whatever you are calling yourself now), Geek Domme, Metal, The Steeled Snake Family, Kelly, Willflyaway and a few others I have surely missed, your comments, thoughts, and your own writings have helped shape me as a person, as a kinkster, as a Dom, and as a sub throughout this year and for the future, so, for that, I am thankful.

Steelwerks Extreme:

Steelwerks Extreme and I started a relationship with a small curved barbell and that grew into a mass of titanium and a bit of steel that I am currently locked in as I type this. At first, it was a rather pricey investment but I feel very thankful for that fact that that initial investment turned into a genuine friendship with Chris, the artist, the owner, the kinkster, and now my HFBFF, that will likely lead to some fun in person times together again as well as to surely more things attached to and in my penis. (I realize I sound like a continued ad for this company, but it’s just a fucking amazing experience and place to be associated with).


This goes beyond thankful into a whole other realm of love, passion, trust, and lust, but I am now and will forever be thankful for Axel and his trust of me. Period.

Plugs, Dildos, Clamps, Floggers and More:

This year a rabbit we all know showed me many new uses for all of these items and thankfulness is a mild word compared to how I feel about these.

W Hotels:

Their sweet, sexy, and almost stark interiors set the backdrop for some wildly fun, vividly decorated afternoons which continues to leave me thankful.

Quantas Airlines:

Your lovely suite helped Axel and I join the mile high club horizontally, something 2015 will be remembered for, thankfully.

Belle Fille:

Without her trust in 2015, most of all of those would not have been possible and I just don’t want anyone to ever think I am not thankful for that now or in the past.

The Bigoted, Narrow Minded, Homophobic Commenters:

It may sound odd, but for each time one of you left me a gift, the initial sting was ALWAYS replaced by a zap of kinky energy and self pride, so, yeah, I am even thankful to you.

The Supreme Court of the United States:

June 26th, the day my marriage became even more legal, is a day I will never, ever forget to be thankful to this body of men and women.

Major League Baseball:

This. Made. My. Year. It did so in a variety of unexpected ways, but I am incredibly thankful.

Social Media:

My life is one where I truly envelope social media in all forms, and for my kink side, this has helped tremendously. So to all the nerds who made these formats possible, I am also thankful.


I cannot begin to really say how thankful I am to Thumper. His fodder, friendship, political mindedness, bisexual bunny tongue, metal genitals, help desk support, mind, and, well, his ass are absolutely engrained deep into almost every 2015 memory that has to do with kink and a great deal that do not. He’s taught me more about relationships, friendships, and technology and, even though it was a bit harder on him than any of us expected, I am thankful for it all and suspect I will be saying a version of this next year plus or minus a few words.


Need I really say why I am thankful for this?

That’s enough for me to eat my turkey without guilt of not following Rule 22k (the kinky one). Have a great holiday and for those of you who celebrate, happy black Friday as well.


  1. I never really paid attention to Thanksgiving, it was an American custom viewed from afar, apart from the sales!
    But this year I am thankful that I found your blog, Thumpers and many others that have opened a window on other ways to be and expanded my understanding.
    I will not say acceptance because who am I to ‘accept’ anyone. You are who you are and have the right to be so

    Best wishes to all x


  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Axel!
    It’s been an honor finding your friendship this year. Your acceptance, kindness, and smart ass comments made it easy to add you a short list of kinky friends who can see into my everyday life.
    Thanks for pretty much always wearing your heart on your sleeve every day. It’s added a tremendous amount of color to my everyday.



  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Axel. Hopefully we can get together for an adult beverage or two in the new year, probably at the Atlanta airport!


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