I’ve been quiet over the last few days, which is mostly due to the fact that work and the impending holidays have just slammed me in an end of year travel and report writing frenzy. It’s funny, Thumper and I were talking the other day about postings and trying to keep a schedule and, though I don’t remember what his advice was, I do remember feeling better about it and thinking that time will come when it comes and if it’s days or even weeks between postings, it is what it is, simple as that.

That said, while I have been quiet, my penis has not been. With the arrival of the final piece of the Axel device, the new locking curved barbell, I have finally been able to lock the device on the way it was designed to be locked and that has been quite the experience that is worthy of its own review soon, though multiple pictures, taken by me, of course, have made the Twitter rounds in an effort to show it off a bit and, more importantly, show off the work of Steelwerks Extreme, as, once again, I can’t say enough good things about them. They returned the favor to me with the following tweet that my penis thinks is one of the best compliments ever and he asked me to make sure I reposted that. He’s a vain one, he is.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 11.57.30 AMSo, what surprised me has been a slight pushback from several of the diehard chastity guys I have followed about why me, a relative novice in the locking world would want a “perfect device” and why I “would dare have something so customized” when I only wear it a few days a week, if that and that they were “tired of seeing pictures that flaunt the fact I can take it on and off”. It was a weird mix of envy and made me feel a bit like I had missed a meeting and now my dues to the Chastity Club were late. In reality, I had to laugh at these comments. Multiple times. Frankly, I just put that here to let those guys who read this to just have that subtle “fuck off” directly from me so as to not allow them to think I didn’t notice. For me, it’s a piece of art designed by my friend for me and if I am not wearing it, just looking at it makes me happy, which is something all art should do. So, fuck off you three.

As for the wearing of all or just parts of it, it’s happening more and more but in my life there is no such thing as a regular schedule any more and I have stopped beating myself up about not having some plan in place. In addition, adding in the complications with Axel’s health and the impending months of being disabled, we just have more to think about now than ever, so when it brings us pleasure, it does. When it doesn’t, it doesn’t. Simple as that.


  1. WTF is up with people and their One Twue Way bullshit these days? I blame Trump. Or Obama. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, people need to lighten the fuck up.

    (90% of this comment is in response to other internet BS, but I know I can get away with swearing here.)

    Hope work settles down soon and you and Alex get a chance to relax and enjoy the holidays. 🙂

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  2. First, best wishes to Axel in his upcoming medical treatment and to you in helping him through this tough period.

    Second, I am a relative newbie as well. MrsL doesn’t blog or read blogs so she does whatever she wants as it relates to my chastity. Isn’t that the whole purpose? We give the control of our achieving an orgasm to our partner? Regardless of locked in a device or the whole “Devotional Sex” process…we still surrender control. Nerdydirtygirl got it right…there is no “one twue way”!

    Third, artwork or effective chastity device that custom design is wonderfully crafted! I am jealous and am saving up to get one in 2016!


  3. Nice post, e hoa, some folks let jealousy get the better of them sometimes. I mean, gosh, I’m green with envy about the car, the travelling, the special black card airport lounges with the free blowjobs, but jeez I wouldn’t think for a second that you were ‘undeserving’ of them for any of the wholly subjective reasons given. Fuckem.


  4. You do seem to attract the jealous and ‘always right’. They have opinions about you and a Thumper and now it’s your perfect penis and the perfect device. Life is too short to waste on them and Steelwerks deserves your praise for creating such a beautiful design.

    Hope work settles for you so both of you can have a good Christmas before Axel’s surgery.


  5. “So, what surprised me has been a slight pushback from several of the diehard chastity guys”

    Drew, I’m going to do something that I swore I’d never do.
    I’m going to pull seniority.

    Hey guys?
    Leave Drew’s penis alone!

    All of you that have stumbled over my blog, and kept coming back year after year, reading my stories, and asking questions, and all that? The one thing that y’all should have learned in almost 15 years of me writing about this subject is this: There’s no one “right” way to do this, including your own..

    The fact that Drew a) has the free funds in order to pursue his kinky interests, and b) that he’s in a relationship where it’s in and out of the device seemingly at random has absolutely no effect on how you live your own life.

    Now, go back to Fetlife, or your Yahoo Groups, or your WLM blogs, and stop bitching about what somebody else is doing with their penis. You know, just like you wouldn’t want people telling you what you should or shouldn’t be doing with yours.

    Drew? Y’all just let me know if they bother you again.

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