Happy Anniversary, Prince

Just a quick note to say happy anniversary to both my penis and to Thumper’s as today, at noon CST, marks one year for me and seven for him with a shiny piece of steel poking through our most private of places. Also, before anyone asks, if you remember, Thumper made my appointment for me last year at the place that did his and he went with me to be poked. Then, in reading his past posts about the experience, we realized that my appointment was on the exact same day and, even worse, at the exact same time as his, which was a very odd coincidence, but also one of those things that happened to us often back then a lot and, to this day, still does occasionally.

As for my year, it’s been interesting because I feel that the steel has opened up far more than just a hole on the underside of my dick because its helped me open my mind in so many more ways. For that, I will always think of the experience as worth it and enjoyable. Even with that bit           o’blood Thump still turns white about when discussing!

So, happy anniversary, Alberts. Here’s to many more.


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