Time to Breathe

I’m going home. In a twist of scheduling madness, the rest of my week cancelled leaving me done with travel for the week and, most importantly, for the year (aside from the in-laws at Christmas – argh)

I’m done. On. A. Tuesday.

It’s like madness in my head as I sit in the SkyClub in Atlanta right now thinking of all the things I need and want to do that don’t involve talking to strangers or writing anything. Of course, I really do have work work to do, for and about work, but the fact that I can do that in my pajamas (which is pretty much a shirt, a jockstrap and the Axel) just makes me all giggly inside at this moment.

It’s funny because, even after this whole year of failed vows due to life, career, and a shifting of friend and fuckships, my mind immediately went to the kinky side of life and I started making vows to myself about being locked for 19 days, finally using all those expensive ass toys we bought, walking around naked, sending nasty pictures to Thumper, Kiwi, Ferns, the Scotts, and planning a day of kinky adventure in Canada with Steelwerks. BUT, while I may actually do all of those things, I have learned from the year and now refuse to tell you that I will now because it creates this weird pressure inside me I do not want to have to have right now.

Of course, I am immediately contradicting myself by now saying that I will work out more because my laziness has started to show with a paunchy stomach and flapping arms, but I am breaking up with fitocracy because I realized that having to log a workout and then show it to the twitter verse did NOT motivate me. In fact, it took me to the same place as having to make a CRM entry after a work meeting and, in all honesty, I would not work out simply because I didn’t want to enter it. How lazy is that?

Of course, my competitive side is kicking in so, of all my promises to me I have made me, I will most likely keep this one because Axel is going to start looking better soon and in less than a month I see Thumper, the current exercise champion. He looked good the last time I saw him and, with his treadmill reign of late, I am sure he looks better, so I have to at least stay close to his league because that bunny has been busy. Is that vain? yup, but, life is hard when you hang out with pretty people (listen close and you will hear Thump roll his eyes to that phrase, even though it was a compliment to him)

In addition, it’s ironic how life on the road can make one’s house messier since one is never there, but it does because I unpack in a tornado and re-pack in a hurricane leave debris strewn about that sits there week after week, so my other goal is to take a literal drawer or cabinet and clean one a day which, when I think about it, is almost the exact same thing I have done in my mind almost every week over the last year. By that, I mean I have uncluttered 44 years of repressed kinky thoughts little by little each week and I write this a better man, with a semi usable penis, a year and a month after I started feeling so much more comfortable in my own skin.

And, the other goal is to be relaxed as much as possible and recover from 157 flights, 178 hotel nights, and 247,000 miles of travel last year because I am worn the fuck out. I have to be the strong one at home for a few months as the year starts, so I might as well rest now because Axel on a walker can be very demanding.

On the kink and relationship front, all is good with Axel, all is good with the Scott’s, and all is good with Thumper.

When it’s all said and done, life is good now and life is happy, kinky or not and I have 19 days in my own bed to think about it.


  1. but I am breaking up with fitocracy because I realized that having to log a workout and then show it to the twitter verse did NOT motivate me. I

    Studies have shown that accountability and support are some of the biggest factors in weight loss and maintenance. Doesn’t work for everybody, of course, but those are the numbers.

    I think that the Fitocracy thing might have been more encouraging if we were all doing the same workouts, but the #fwocrew group is so varied that there wasn’t any way to keep everyone on one platform.


    1. Actually, I know you are right, but it’s the same thing with me and classes at a gym, etc. I spend my entire life being scheduled to death (one day last week was 18 30 minute meetings) and then having to write summaries after each meeting so the idea of the gym scheduling me infuriated me. I think I discovered the same thing about logging. Also, I kinda like being a bit willy nilly in the gym and doing whatever it is I feel like. I’m never going to get an eight pack that way, but who cares 🙂

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  2. Damn, I knew you traveled but those numbers are staggering. Enjoy the time at home in YOUR bed…there is truly nothing like being in one’s own bed!!

    BTW, I still may have a trip to your neck of the woods in Jan/Feb. If that happens I would love to meet for an adult beverage or two!


  3. Thank god. I’m tired from all your travels! Best to you and Axel as you enjoy some downtime together. Rest up, I’m sure your 2016 won’t be a shadow to 2015.


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