Post Holiday Dribble

Happy post Christmas!

I, for one, have to admit that I am glad it’s over and that the next stages of a new year can begin. Axel and I spent the holidays with my family on Christmas Eve and then drove to the depths of Alabama to his family on Christmas Day. It was a miserable experience as, according to the radar showing on the navigation screen in my car, we stayed under a purple blob of heavy rain and lightening from about the time we left until six hours later when we got there (it should take 4.5), only to have to immediately take shelter because of tornado warnings/sightings, which sadly, turned out to not be a false alarm in Mississippi and in the Birmingham areas. Now, it’s no secret that I am not a huge fan of my in-laws based on how they treated their son as he was growing up, but I try my best to be nice and get along, but I absolutely refused to die there with them in a group in the room of the center of the house, so I like to think I willed the storms away.

I did have a chance to chat with Thumper a bit Christmas night as this was happening and he too was having trouble with weather in Hawaii where he is spending the holidays. It seems that on Christmas Day, there was a cloud, possibly two, spotted and they apparently spit a few raindrops his way. He said people there were acting like it was normal, but I could tell he was shaken up a bit. I am kidding him, but knowing that he is going back to the frozen tundra where he lives, I am glad he’s able to soak up as much warmth and sun as he can now.

Speaking of Thump, last night he and I were on Twitter going back and forth about the size of his penis in a joking manner and I had to laugh because within an hour I had three messages. Two were telling me that I should be ashamed for making light of his smaller endowment with one of the two actually telling me that I needed to see a therapist, while the third was just an expression of how happy he was to see us joking again. All three made me giggle for three different reasons, but I thought I would warn everyone now that in less than two weeks he and I are <insert gasp here> spending time together and I may even sit really close to him at some point <begin clutching pearls here> so, for those so inclined, start mentally prepping your notes now, if nothing else but for my amusement.

That said, I am really looking forward to seeing him, just because it will be nice to be with a grounded kinky friend before the next phase of the year starts: Axel’s surgery. As that is now two weeks from tomorrow, I have found myself suddenly getting nervous again more so about the post surgery than the surgery itself. For that, I have been through the caregiver side before and, aside from the fact that this one is likely going to be ten or more hours, it’s the waiting game and he’s in great health otherwise so, aside from the standard worries, I am not overly concerned about the surgery itself. It’s the post stuff I am dreading because I have watched that once and I dread watching it again because with what he’s having done (which is more than a regular replacement but I have promised him I would not be specific) the initial act of standing, walking, and doing every day things are the looks on his face from the pain the first time that are still engrained and I just dread seeing that again. But, he and I discussed this yesterday, it’s pain that is toward the purpose of it going away versus his chronic pain now, so that is something to cling to and run with (literally in about six months). Also, it will be funny to see how much I blog about my weirdness with this because, last time, I turned into the most gentle of persons and wouldn’t touch him too hard, wouldn’t get near his leg, and would not dare touch the incision because, all counter logic aside, I thought I would break him. I am curious to see what I do this time, but I think I will be the same way. His wound will be between 14-18″ so even on a 6’4 guy, that’s really scary to see and, to be really honest, it’s right there in your face when being romantic, so it takes a bit of adjusting post immediate recovery period (during that I have promised to stay locked, fyi).

Also, as an update to all of this, the Scotts have turned out to be not what or who I thought they were going to be. I have mentioned that they had their own health issues to deal with, but Axel was building quite a nice relationship with them until a few weeks ago when it suddenly just stopped. Unfortunately, none of them really seem to be communicating with each other, and neither of them is with me, so it’s very puzzling as to what happened on their end. Axel and I both have our suspicions, but there are zero hard feelings with them but I hate to see the friendship part go away as well. In addition, selfishly, I was really counting on them to help us during the times I am traveling because I knew he would enjoy that, but I am not so sure now as to what, if any, role they are going to play in the immediate or long term future. Again, no hard feelings as I know they have things to deal with too, but I don’t deal well with vague and because of that I am irritated.

So, that’s that for this rambling post which is more of a check in than anything else. Axel and I are both home and mostly off work this week, so I hope there will be some nice kinky stories to share soon. Man, I hope that!



  1. I find I am a gentle hand (and spirit) when/with/for the “sick” is just a passing thing (stomach flu, bronchitis, that sort of thing), but I have all the patience and sensitivity of a herd of stampeding buffalo when it comes to long-term care situations. My tendency is to crack the whip and I have zero tolerance for failure to adhere to doctor’s instructions post-surgery. At least where my husband is concerned.

    Florence Nightengale, I am not. 😛


  2. I can understand how much that look of pain on his face must suck. But he’s right, this time the pain means that he’s healing, and that it’s a step toward being free of pain completely. And while I obviously don’t know him or his specific health condition, I’ve learned through my own experiences that people on the mend tend to be way less fragile than we think.

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