The Kinkiest Thoughts

My week off of work has turned into one of the kinkiest weeks in a long while. Collars. Leashes. Hoods. Paddles. Plugs. Fucking. Sucking. Bondage. Chastity. Clamps. Leather. Steel. Spandex. Hell, even a bit of wood.

Sadly, all of these things have been in my head and not on, in, or near my body. With everything going on to get our house finished and ready for a walker (I bought new tennis balls for the tips today just because I think it’s funny), I am not dismayed or sad or anything about the lack of action on my part, because I am just happy to have the kinky feelings back with a vengeance as they slid away a bit, though never far, during the emotional and busy months of the Fall. In addition, for me, kinky feelings always push the need to work out and make my body better, so the gym is a nice side to this too.

It’s funny too because this blog has resulted in a few potential playmates who fit PERFECTLY into my switchy world and who would be so much fun to use, abuse, and challenge (and, in the case of one, the Sir mentioned in November, having those words applied to me) but all of them, ALL of them are based in Australia, the place I will likely not be going back to often, if at all, as my project I have worked on for two years there just wrapped with my last visit. Is this just Murphy’s law at its finest or what?

However, with these men and these possibilities, I am not letting the lack of immediate travel stop me and am enjoying getting to know them more while learning and growing more as a Dom or a sub from all of them. And, in turn, I hope they are getting the same experience from me that I am them. Hell, one of them, the sub I mentioned in November, now has his dick locked and a plug in most days because of my conversations with his Sir. And, even better, he has actually thanked me for that.

On the home front, people keep asking of Axel has a bell for when he needs something in the first week or two that he and I will be home at the same time. We laugh that off because, one, the house is not that big and, two, in this modern world we inhabit he can text, but between us, we like the idea of a shock collar or plug that could be used to signal a need for service. While we’d never really do that, isn’t that a great idea? I am sure there are things that exist that would serve that purpose, but with the right marketing campaign, just think of the potential, huh?

Finally, on the personal front, I have to credit a lot of these feelings to “the break” Thump and I are on, or were on, or had, or whatever. We don’t discuss it anymore and, to me, it doesn’t really matter. Anyway, the reason I say that is because I really have used it to explore that deep seeded emotional need I used to think was an absolute requirement in order to even think about being naked with someone in a kink sense or even in a fuck buddy sense, and I am learning that, for the newer me, this is not going to be such a dominant factor in the future. Be warned world!

So, that’s that. Now off to clean and think more perverted thoughts.


  1. A bell? I am about the LEAST technologically-adept person in existence, and I still think “bell” is a bit 1910-let’s-call-the-maid. I was thinking more along the lines of 1980s-plug-in-the-baby-monitor. šŸ˜‰

    I hope Axel’s surgery and recovery go as well and as quickly/smoothly as possible.


  2. A shock collar applied around the genitals with business end under the balls is actually a very practical way to get attention. We have one and it can be set to just provide a “poke” to get my attention or it can let me know that I have done something wrong. It’s comfortable to wear and an oddly practical way to get my attention. You can get one for about $75 at Amazon and it may add a fun “connection” between you two during a tough time.

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  3. I can tell you the shock collar around the genitals is a great idea. Daddy and I have used it out at the bar several times. One short pulse tells me to check in with him to provide whatever service he needs. I cannot recommend highly enough


  4. Somebody, the Marines I think, has a saying that “pain is weakness leaving the body.” Axel may have this kind of pain during the recovery, but you all can take heart that it will leave him stronger as the recovery progresses. Happy New Year to all of you.


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