Getting Lucky

Hello, yet again, from another hotel. This one, which is featured in the “Hallways of Drew” Twitter photo series by Thumper, is a giant room with a giant shower, two bathrooms, and newly discovered heated floors which are making me happy on this cold night.

But, even prior to discovering the heat beneath my feet, I was pretty happy as today, Thumper and I had a grown up day full of juvenile humor, food, technology, and a few serious discussions about what we did right, what we did wrong, and what we may or may not do now.

That said, one of the things that fell into one of those categories is the fact that we both agreed that we were too open at times and that we put ourselves on the stage while also plugging in the spotlights for the world to see. That both helped and harmed at the same time and, while my relationship with Thumper, my friend who has seen me naked more than a few times, will still be a feature of this blog and a side show on his (at times), we are not going to go into great detail about anything too private about the Drew and Thumper Show anymore and I hope that those who have come to know us understand this subtle change in the tempo.

Another highlight of today which is a tempo that has not changed is yet another realization for both of us that we married two amazing people who are probably too good for either of us in the grand scale of life.

I blurted this out to him tonight at dinner after having just enough alcohol to have blurred my internal censors, but it’s just such a great fact and something he and I have in common that make us both very lucky men. This thought was sparked in my head because today within about five minutes of each other, Axel texted me and Belle called Thump. The second line in his text to me was “if I am interrupting anything, just get back to me later” which I didn’t really think much about until she called and, through the phone, I heard her ask him the same question. In reality, we were sitting in the floor looking at templates for a new blog I am starting that will detail Axel’s next few weeks for his friends and family (so they won’t call, text or, God forbid, visit) so it couldn’t have been more mundane and an interruption was probably welcomed, but, the fact that they actually asked that just hit me in that good spot and, while I can’t imagine actually saying something back like “yeah, gimme five and oh, look, what’s that, oh, he’s waving hello to you because his mouth is full”, I can just be happy that they’d likely not think twice about it if I did.

More specifically and in addition, in Thump’s case, he wrote yesterday about Belle being GGG. While most of those g’s are out of the realm of my business, I smiled the whole time I read that because I knew how proud he had to have been to have been able to tell the world that the love of his life gave him good, giving and game. In particular, he wrote, “Rarely has she ever made me feel anything but loved and accepted”, and that specific line stood out to me, because that is exactly how I feel about Axel and how he has made me feel over our 18 years together as well.

For these reasons, and many, many more, we are two thankful men who had a good day once again realizing how lucky we got.





  1. What a great post. I came to your blog from Thumper’s. I’ve always liked it, but think it’s done nothing but improve. Thanks for keeping us so well entertained. And another thing that I’ve wanted to say for awhile, all the nasty, gay bashing commenters can go to heck!

    Also, I’m a fan because you offer a window on Ferns, who every man with half a brain ought to have a crush on.

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    1. Wow – Dual Drew, Thumper and Ferns all commenting on or near my comment. It’s like having George Washington, Thomas Jefforson and Benjamin Franklin (the founding fathers of kinky blogging!) making a comment. Sorry Ferns, for the American parochialism. 🙂

      I’m a big fan of all three of you (and that Tom guy) – in different ways of course. Good writing is rare enough, good kinky writing even more rare. I should thank your grade school teachers, too.


  2. This is a great read. It’s so good to see that you all have come to a good place and are happy. Comfortable. And having fun. That’s what life is really about. And the fact that you each have several people to share all of that with is awesome.

    Hugs to you both.

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  3. I found Thumper’s blog while researching options for chastity last year. From his blog, I found yours and have enjoyed both of them immensely. Thanks for sharing your story.

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  4. What a lovely post! Sounds like you both had a well-deserved day of camaraderie. Yes, you two are very lucky to have Axel and Belle, but I think the case can be made that they’re just as lucky to have you two. What you have works so well because of all of you. 🙂

    As for lowering the curtain on the Drew and Thumper Show, I think that’s a brilliant idea. Thanks for allowing us to peek in on you the past year. Enjoy some much needed privacy. xx

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  5. We’ll miss the steamy Thumper episodes, but your privacy trumps our voyeurism. We will appreciate more, what you can share.
    We will all be with you (and Mom, bless her heart) next week, during Axel’s surgery and after! Put a time limit on visitors and tell them to bring food – being a caregiver after a surgery is more than a full time job, so let them do some of the cooking for you.


    1. Many thanks. My Mom called tonight with a post worthy question alone! I write a blog for his stay which highly discourages visitors but encourages them to drop off a pizza for me! As always, thanks for the comment and Happy New Year.


  6. Hi Drew, I don’t write comments very often, but never miss one of your posts or Thumper’s either. I’m anxiously waiting for Axle’s surgery to be over and wish him a speedy and complete recovery. Is it possible for you to share the link to your new blog about Axle’s post op here, as I don’t have a twitter account and I don’t know anything about it. I would love to be able to follow his recovery and your loving care over him. I think you two are absolutely awesome, as are Thumper & Belle. Thanks.

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    1. Hi there. Thank you for the nice comments and your warm wishes toward Axel. I think you will understand when I give you a hard, firm and absolute “NO” on sharing the link to his recovery blog because that is 100% our muggle life with subscriptions from my boss, his clients, and pictures of our family and such. Besides, you’d find out that our real life names are not even Drew and Axel, though I will still call Thumper by that name there just as a fun thing to make Axel’s family think we are friends with a real rabbit.


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