A quick note of thanks

Just a quick note to say thank you to all the kinky people like me who have reached out and wished us well.

Axel is currently in surgery (has been about 2.5 hour and will likely be another 3 or so) and all is well here as I sit in the little room with my family and a few others just waiting on the black phone on the wall to ring so we can all jump up to see if it’s about our person in surgery.

Anyway, as an update, one of the Scots sent a text this morning saying “good luck” but nothing from the other. Fuck them officially this time. That was about my final straw on that one.

That aside, the kinky community, most of which don’t even know Axel’s real name, have just been phenomenal with their messages of support and thoughts. This morning, Thumper sent a text saying “Give him a hug for me” and that freaking made Axel tear up, which I thought was sweet and just another one of those moments that if you had ever told  me would, or even could, happen at some point in life, I would have laughed.

After that when we had some down time alone before the drugs kicked in, I had a good time showing him the messages and explaining the various kinks that surrounded the names. I think he and I will do that again when he’s lucid because he was embracing it much more than I would have ever happen.

More soon. But thank you again.


  1. It’s just past 7:40 pm here in Montreal and I’ve been thinking about you both today. I hope Axel comes through his surgery with flying colours . Take care of him and take care of yourself too Drew.


  2. I have thought of you and Axel throughout the day today. I hope all goes well for his surgery and recovery. Sending positive thoughts for both of you!


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