All is well in the land of Drew



(fashion trend alert – the high cinched waist with a swollen hip is look THE look for 2016. Pair this ensemble with grippy socks and you have a versatile outside for anywhere the hot people other.  We are gay. We know.)


Good morning. Lil’ Debby (not kidding)(I giggled all night), the night nurse, just came in flipping on the seizure inducing overhead lights to take “a little bit of blood” and the left without turning off said lights. So, I am up and thought I would take this moment of silence to post the quickest entry ever for me to just say Axel is doing great. He’s walking with a walker (slowly) and we are going home later this morning.

I’ve had some interesting thoughts to blog about this week, but was too interrupted to think and am now just too damned tired to write. So, more soon.

Again, thank you all for the well wishes. My kinky community has impressed me again.

Now, I’m off to find a swiss cake roll – see what I did there (if you are from the South) (Ferns and Kiwi, I will explain the Little Debby thing later).


    1. Thank you. He’s hurting from the surgery, but says that it’s the first time in about six months he doesn’t have the deep bone pain the bad implant caused. I almost wish I could share the face pics of him because he’s smiling in a relaxed way that just thrills me and shows me that he sees happiness and hope ahead (again).

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  1. I’m amazed that he is walking already and going home today! So happy to hear everything is going well. Good thoughts to both of you on the next step (heh) of this journey. And damn you, because now I want a Lil’ Debbie Nutty Bar. 😉

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  2. Now you just need to get Stella a matching outfit and you’ll be ready for a photoshoot with Vanity Fair. 😉

    (And here I thought grippy socks were going to be a summer trend… 😛 )

    So glad Axel is going home, and that the deep pain is gone.


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  3. I’m amazed — people around me have had knee and ankle surgeries recently and it’s always been “no weight at all for 6 week.” This is good news indeed. Best wishes for a good recovery, keep those smiles coming!

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