My shiny new friend.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 7.28.01 AM

I have a new love.

Latex is his name.

He’s shiny, warm, resilient, and he supports me in just the right way when I need it.

It all started back on my first trip to Montreal to see Chris from Steelwerks when Thumper and I took a day trip. Chris is very close to Mario, the owner of Polymorphe, and in wanting to show us the town, he offered to take us by the studio where all the rubbery crafting takes place. Of course we said yes, even though neither of us would say that we were really into latex, and we went, met some great people, and I bought a hood which Mario custom cut for me on the spot and a few pair of latex briefs.

As I said, I was new to this world, having never donned any fetish gear that was not leather or lycra, so my first trip was a bit overwhelming and I went there armed with plenty of preconceived notions about it being hot or sweaty and I was convinced that it would highlight every bump on my body that I particularly didn’t want to highlight. However, it did not take more then five minutes of exploring and, later that night, ten seconds of wearing my new briefs, and I was hooked.

So, knowing I was going back to Montreal to see Chris, I asked him if we could go back, because I wanted to look a bit deeper at the stock and pick out a few things that I might wear should I have the chance to go to a latexy event or ten. He agreed, scheduled our time, told them a bit about what I had in mind, and, after taking care of my metal member, off we went to make me shiny.

Before we get to parts about my stretchy new skin, I want to back up and tell you a bit about Polymorphe and explain my good fortune to be able to be at this particular studio and warehouse that is not open to the public. Polymorphe is a manufacturer of high quality latex clothing and accessories for both men and women and they are a great partner with Steelwerks in the fact that everything is hand touched, hand inspected, and, though it might be more expensive at times, the quality and the materials stand up and out against any other company. While they do not have a physical store, they have an excellent website full of almost anything and everything that one could want to make themselves shine, in addition to being available through many retail other retail locations around the globe. Mario discussed with me the true science of latex and the process in which theirs is made to ensure that it is of the absolute highest quality and is 100 percent toxic free.

Now, getting to the good stuff, Chris and I headed to Polymorphe Central which is a giant brick warehouse on the edge of downtown. Polymorphe operates out of the first floor and when you enter from the side, it smells like I always imagined it would be like to be inside a balloon. With the exception of traditional French music in the background, it’s very quiet inside, the complete opposite of Steelwerks, because the staff are busy designing, cutting, and creating, but they are doing, at least what I could see, by hand with actual scissors and patterns with machines that punch rivets and snaps into all those things at just the right places.

Chris had told them I was thinking about a short catsuit, often called a surf suit, and they, having remembered about my size had a brand new one, created just that morning, for me to try on. There was zero pressure to buy, but I would have bought it anyway just because it was really cool to have had something made just for me. However, once I went to a very quiet private room to get naked and try it on, I was in love and there was no prying that out of my hands at that point. From there, I decided I wanted to try on a pair of latex jeans and we found some that fit and they felt like a dream because they are not too tight on the legs and look like something one could wear to a nice dinner, you know, for the next fetish night at the Outback. Having tried on the jeans, I had to have a shirt and being still half undressed, I sent Chris out to pick me out one from the stockroom. It seemed like hours had passed, so I got dressed and went out there and finally discovered why straight men don’t pick out clothing for gay men, because he had his arms full of various patterns and colors and specifically loved this bright yellow piece that he thought would look good on me demonstrating that he had clearly never once paid attention to my actual skin tone. Luckily, Mario’s partner was there and she took over and found me a vest like shirt that was, to be blunt, fucking beautiful as it was patterned latex but sadly they didn’t have my size. However, being in the center of the place they create, she said “will tomorrow morning at 10 be okay?” meaning that she would have it done by then (and Mario was actually cutting it when I left).

So, with this trip a new fetish has been born. My preconceived notions of hot, sweaty and uncomfortable were misguided in a sense because there is a difference in the cheap latex I had seen and the quality kind I now own. Yes, it is still sweaty, but it’s oddly not hot like I thought it would be. This is a special service provided to Steelwerks customers who are so inclined and in Montreal to go with Chris. I promise Mario trusts Chris and won’t ask to see your metal penis (or the key that you hold) as proof of your right to enter.

Finally, I have to show pics, right? Here are just a few. The one or two x-rated will just find their way to Twitter later today. Somehow.


  1. There’s just something nice about that feeling of enclosure. (To some degree I suspect that’s why under armour et al so such roaring trade (woo!)).

    Feeling through it and in turn being felt through it is pretty bloody special too.

    I’m sure those quads won’t be lacking in attention next time you take it out in the wild.


  2. So far I agree with your old opinion about Latex.

    But damn, that looks really hot on you.
    Maybe I should try it as well (not that I could ever compete with someone as you).

    But let me ask again, when are coming to Germany 😉?


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