It’s been a sleepy weekend around here as I have not felt good due to a cold and a broken tooth implant and Axel has been rather quiet himself after slipping a bit this week, literally and figuratively, which has set him back a bit in his recovery. It’s good that my slower months coincided with his surgery in so many ways, but also the working from home part is so much harder when you are not alone, so it’s been an adjustment on top of about 276 other adjustments that I know will all go away over the next few weeks.

That said, I have been snickering all morning because I woke up after a dream about me and Thumper inventing a new <redacted text here because the idea could work> for muggles that made us super rich and he created a nifty jingle for it with nothing but the clanking of a rattler butt plug. It was our little secret and Thumper, Belle, Axel and I became mega rich on an ironically non kinky product. Go figure.

Anyway, in the grand scheme of a kinky life all is about the same here. I have been creating some deviously fun schemes in my head, but I just have to be patient and wait on Axel’s recovery before discussing them and/or waiting to find the right willing masochist to experiment with.

Other than that there is not much to tell aside from my Twitter amusement of the last few weeks. For those of you who have lists that you follow or a certain group of people, have you ever noticed how Twitter follows life, specifically life from high school? There is always one who so desperately wants to be noticed that they insert themselves and somehow work a naked picture into a discussion about chemical warfare, the one who hides quietly until suddenly announcing their imminent departure “if someone doesn’t stop me” before deleting everything they have only to suddenly reappear the next day, or the one who takes one comment you may have made to them and suddenly wants to become your best friend ever ever ever until you can’t take it anymore before engaging the block button. It’s even more funny because these three things happen in my kinky “groups”, my baseball “groups”, my professional “groups” and then you can often just find a random “I’m leaving you forever” post from someone you have never seen before. I just love it in many ways because as technology evolves, basic human behavior does not. Of course, I am likely guilty of all of those things at one point, but, oh well.



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