Leap Day and Non Bendy Shiny Sex

Happy Leap Day to all. Today actually just may be my day because it’s about 8am and I am sitting in my favorite chair in the Skyclub waiting to head off for the week. It’s been a puzzling morning because traffic was oddly light, I got the first parking space closest to the door in the whole garage, my upgrades cleared, and the TSA officers were friendly and chatty as my stealthy metal penis went right through their scanners. I don’t want to be the person who is wondering what shoe may drop now, which is my natural way to be honest, so I simply won’t. Yet.

Actually, I think it’s because I had sex last night. Good, almost non handicapish sex with a few modifications for Axel not being bendy and for me still having an aversion to touching an area within 17.4″ from his healing incision and to being aggressive in any format. We improvised though and I was holding my own until his cane fell off the bed which caused me to have visions of future geriatric sex, but, I recovered nicely, and all in all, it was satisfying and quite a refreshing treat after seven weeks of nothing. Also, as a funny aside, right after said sex, Axel took a picture of me in the kitchen where I have this weird glow and a happy look. It’s not my Facebook profile pic and which each like I get, I giggle a bit knowing if they only knew!

In other news, Axel and I hit the reset button on many things this weekend, most of which will be detailed in upcoming posts this week about the whats and whys. It’s nothing hugely drastic, but enough that it changed the future plan for our marriage, careers, and even residence and, though it might be hard in the beginning, I think the changes will be for the best (and no, it does not involve any separation regardless of how unintentionally cryptic that may have sounded) as it will bring us closer together.

But, there is nothing in that paragraph above to fret over as all is good and Drew is happy and Axel is happy too (btw, he’s recovering fine, driving again, but about three more weeks before allowed to work half days).

I have a huge month in March of almost nonstop travel, but I do get to go to a few of my favorite places, have a birthday, see the Bunny at least once (maybe twice), AND baseball season is rapidly approaching, so all is good in the House of Drew.

Oh, and here is a small teaser from last night in the laundry room, you know, cause it’s Monday.




  1. Nice photo!

    Question about getting the shiny steel through TSA. Do you separate the pieces in different locations in the carry on or assembled in one location?


    1. Yes. I carry 14 ziplock bags and hide each piece and each screw…. Nah, I wear the ring locked on and the pa locked in and out the tube in my carry on. I will ultimately one day upgrade that tube to titanium, but for now this works perfectly.


  2. Why would geriatric sex make you uncomfortable? I can’t wait to get old and freak out all the young people working in the nursing home. It’ll be great, I’ll be the pimp/drug dealer (do you have any idea the kinds of pills some old people are given??? Ho-ly. Crap.)/drama manipulator. And the best part is that I’ll be able to write notes to the other old people to coordinate our shenanigans, and we’ll write them in cursive, so the young people won’t be able to read them.

    But I’m glad Axel is recovering so well! And it sounds like you have a lot to look forward to in the near future. Oh, and happy early birthday! I’m guessing you’re a Pisces.

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