Nothing Much Here, Folks

Good morning, interwebs. I honestly have nothing specific to write about aside from just checking in to let everyone know I am still alive and that I am missing posting hopefully as much as you miss me posting.

I am at one of those quarterly staff meetings where we start and 7am and go until 7pm when someone usually of a higher power than me will say “wanna grab dinner?”, which I HATE, but I do it anyway because, they are the boss (and surely enough of you subs on here can relate to that feeling), so I skip the gym, eat a $100 dinner and then slink back to my room around 10pm not remembering what I wanted to write about, nor even caring enough to open my Macbook to even start.

My main topic will be to follow up on last week’s sub post because, of whatever reason, the plane landed at home and, at that exact moment, I lost all of my sexual drive, creativity, and more because all the to-do things hit me and I only had 48 hours to do them. I MUST FIX THIS and Axel and I are talking about it, but, alas, it has to wait because I still have seven days in four more cities ahead of me this week.

More soon, but just know I have not forgotten about this little corner of the online world.

All that said, the plus is today I get to wake up to this:



  1. I haven’t seen that view in years! Sometimes I miss that city. Saw the Cubbies play last time I was in town, which was… a long time ago, before I got married. I had a blast there that weekend. (Ah, memories…)

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