When a rabbit walks into a bar

My sleep habits suck.

I know this is a product of my weird life and weird schedule, but over the last seven or eight nights, I have had what I would describe as a series of naps versus a traditional night’s sleep. Tonight is the same way and, as I write this at 3:24am, I am as wide awake as I can be without any sign of sleepiness. I have taken a bath, played some weird music that the app on the Apple TV said would make me sleepy (fyi, it made me feel angry – bad marketing guys), and Axel has even told me to jack off until my heart’s content if I thought it would relax me. But, so far, nada, though the masturbation was fun.

The good news is that I am heading home in a few hours and this afternoon I have a doctor’s appointment with my therapist/Zoloft pusher doc to discuss this and see what we might can do chemically to help nudge me along because the current regime is not working.

So, back to get to the title, I am in the Land of Thump again this week and last night, he and I went to dinner at a really nice south American restaurant that was a random option when the place we were going to had a long wait. This place was busy and he and I took two spots rather off to ourselves at the bar at the end right in front of where the bartender worked. This meant she got to hear bits of our conversation in and out as she came back and forth preparing her drinks. Now, for some reason, both of us had an attraction of sorts to this woman who I would describe as “confident” ¬†– as she carried about 120 extra pounds and her purple hair with a “don’t fuck with me attitude” I have to admire in any man or woman I meet. Of course, in hindsight, I realize that she had engaged aspects of the sub sides of each of us in different ways, but this also made us less caring about what she heard.

In the Land of Thump, it’s been a big week because Belle has found a potential “the other guy”, now known as TOG, and this, along with various other life things, seems to have completely put the blood back into both Thumper’s nether regions and his brain which is a side of him I adore because he was happy and celebrating his kink in ways I have not seen in awhile. You can go to his page here to learn more about TOG, so I won’t go into anything specific, but having been the one who surprisingly freaked out when Axel met his potential TOG (or TOGS in that case), I am thrilled to watch how his mind is reacting to this and how, at least on the surface part I see, the open marriage part of his marriage is currently making him adore Belle even more, which is something I contend that most who are not in an open relationship would have no way of really understanding. Of course, we all know I adore Belle, my new Facebook friend btw, a great deal too for about 1,017 different reasons, so this is not too hard to fathom in the great scheme of Belleness.

Our conversation was frank, honest, fun, and at times drifted off into those bittersweet “remember when I almost had my whole hand up your ass” moments where so many of my conversations tend to go. We were in a relaxed, reflective place and I enjoyed it immensely as we discussed our relative spouses and the people who may or may not be in their pants at some point in the future. What was also particularly of interest is, if one watched close, one could see the metal in his pants rise and fall at times which is still something that in my mind is the best gauge of interest to a subject than anytime else can be. Looking back, hours later, if just was a good night because we represented the rectangle of open marriage again, though differently, and it was a fascinating way for both of us to reassure ourselves that the openness was, indeed, the right way to go regardless of who may be doing who or who might do who. Make sense?

Finally, the one thing I didn’t mention is that this week, Minnesota pollen and two days of me giving four, three hour presentations have left my voice sounding like a drag queen who smokes two packs a day, so I had to talk louder than typical as I tend to be a very soft talker in regular life. As we walked to the car, Thump and I had good time imagining just what the fuck the bartender would be telling the either masculine, giant woman named Bambi or the twinkish man who lives for her every need that she was going home to because she heard just enough to confuse the fuck out of her.

We suspected the conversation would go something like “well, he seemed to be married to a woman, but then he was talking about this guy who she wants to fuck, so maybe they are not, well, I don’t know, because the big one with the drag queen voice was was talking about his husband, but then was going to have the other one set up dinner with the same woman I think he is married to because he seemed to like her too, but then, you know, I got a vibe that they had fucked too or were going to fuck, but then a bell had a TOG with some type of Axel but then there was a bunny- oh, for the love of mother fucking…. They at least tipped well”

If nothing else, we were entertaining.


  1. This reminds me of the conversation I witnessed you two have on Twitter about Thumper’s face smelling like pussy. To anyone not aware of your relationship dynamics it might have been a bit confusing, to me, it was hilarious.


    Ps… I hope you get the sleep thing sorted out. I can totally relate to that issue although in recent years it seems to be something I have beaten and now, most of the time, a good nights sleep is all mine!


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