This, that and the Axel

It’s an interesting place in life when you are scrolling through Scruff and you run across your husband’s profile. The first reaction most would have, I assume, would be a shock or surprise, but I laughed out loud at myself this morning because, when I did run across it, my first reaction was “why the fuck did he choose that picture?” Seriously, Axel is an attractive man and has lots to offer, but he chose a pic that doesn’t highlight any of his best features and I find that concerning. So, when we talked this morning I gently broached the subject with skill and finesse that went something like “why the fuck did you choose that picture?” which, apparently, he didn’t like me saying. Apparently, I am not supposed to interfere with my husband pimping himself out, so I guess that is a new rule I need to remember. I won’t say another word, but I will watch and either he will immediately replace it because I made him self conscious, or, and this is the more likely scenario, he will be 75 years old in 30 years and still using that picture because he will continue to be making a point to me. So, I will check back in 30 years from now and let you know.

Anyway, it occurred to me (after several emailed questions) that I have not updated on Axel in awhile and that, I guess, is because he is doing just fine post surgery. It’s been four months, if you can believe it, and he has been released from PT and is now walking on his own completely which just a slight wobble because the new leg is slightly longer than the other one, which is something that can be corrected with a shoe insert and is very minimal. That said, the hip is doing okay but he still has substantial pain in that joint and in his thigh where the essentially broke the bone to reset it with the steel rods. I feel for him constantly because he’s stuck at about 83 percent on his way back to 100 and his surgeons tell him that will likely be one to two years in the future, so he has to fight that mentally because it can be a tough pill to swallow at times.

That said, it IS getting better day by day and we both know that in time it will be fine. On the sex side with all the fun dom and sub aspects, it ebbs and flows like normal, but we just allow ourselves and out when pain and/or my travel kick in. For instance, last weekend I had been home for five days and had been locked the whole time which was going to be celebrated with a giant flurry of fun sex, possibly in the back yard, which would have set the tone for summer and we got close, but about an hour before he stepped off step the wrong way and the grimace he gave told me that it was not going to be the day of fun we had hoped for, but we adjusted. He took a pill or three, I got naked, and we watched Deadpool on the couch which was just a fine day too.

So, all this to say is that there is just not much to say, but the wonderfulness of that is that is nothing bad to say either.



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  1. The question is not “how do you react to see your husbands profile on Scruff” (whatever that is), but why are YOU looking at it anyway? Just kidding.

    Good to hear that you had some quality time together. You must have a lovely, not overlooked garden?!

    Btw, are you aware that Trace posted?


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