Muggle Life

Remember me?

It’s been forever since I posted as muggle life has consumed me lately with work, work, and more work. I know what I do professionally is pretty much a mystery to everyone, including me, but there are times when the freedom/luxury/weirdness of being able to be all over the world combines with the day to day things that are expected to be done and, when this happens, it’s all encompassing in a way that I can’t describe. For me, last week, that way translated into twelve reports that were due all at once (though four are still in process) which meant, for me, I had what turned out to be 573 pages that had to be written.

I love writing except for when I have to write. At those times I feel this pit inside my stomach that almost makes every word hurt. This, in my head, is compounded because I have to write nice words and can’t say things like fuck, ass, chastity, or dick. Do you know how hard clean writing is?

Anyway, enough about that other than to apologize for being gone. I’m currently sitting in a restaurant in a swanky hotel having a bite so I decided to get back into my kinky world, which, I find I enjoy more and more when I let myself enjoy it. That, though, is the trick and something that I still have a hard time mixing into my day to day life because, well, work is where my alpha side really shines.

With that, I have promised myself that I am going to explore more, even if it’s just through writing about what clicks my dick, and take more time for myself, and for Axel, in the process. Speaking of that, I just booked us for two weeks on a Hawaiian island this summer with the intention of doing nothing but eating. We were scheduled to do a Costa Rican adventure but, as much as it finally killed him to admit it, his recovery has not been fast enough this time to support walking on the unpaved, so we are going with touristy and level and I am more than fine with that. With recovery mentioned, he just had a five month check up (can you believe it’s been that long) and all is good, but he’s stalled at about 80% recovery which they say is not abnormal at all and that it could be years before he gets into the 90’s, which is likely only as far as he can go given the extent of the injury to the major muscles in his hip and thigh. I can certainly live with that, though he’s still a bit whiney about not being at 100.

On the kinky friend front, during the middle of the crazy week last week, I was able to “get away”, by that I mean writing in airplanes and lounges, to go see Chris at Steelwerks for a day to just hang out among the metal. This was purely a social call and we had a great time in what turned out to be the only warm day in Montreal in 2016 so that was nice. Of course, I did pick out the perfect new creature device I want so I can travel in it, but that will have to wait a bit, so a man can dream.

As for Thumper, I can honestly say I think he and I are at one of the best places we have ever been because there is no pressure to be anything other than good to each other and when things get a bit flirty, they do and when they don’t, it’s swell too. So, you know, good.

Finally, the one thing I have carried through on is the gym, though I do it so randomly and in such odd ways it’s embarrassing to report it (i.e.: pull ups in airports) but, if I can just get used to eating more clean, I could show some results, but those damn biscoff cookies do get me every time.

Something debaucherous soon!


  1. It’s good to hear from you Drew. I miss your posts. Glad to hear Axel is doing well and I’m sure you will love Hawaii. I’ve enjoyed three holidays there and it’s just a beautiful spot to spend your vacation. Best wishes to you both. Take care.


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