So on this journey of chastity and kink, I have had the best time meeting and talking with people. While this is no surprise because I have written about this many times, there are a few people that, together, we have clicked to the point that, I suspect, we will have some form of friendship for a long time in the future. I find this fascinating and, ultimately, incredibly cool because some of these people are not people that my day to day life, prior to the blog, would have ever even run across. It’s great to say I now have friendships based on a mutual love of metal around a penis or that they really connected with the fact that Thumper loves the way I hurt him.

Two cases of this connection I find to be the best are my friendship with Chris, who made my beautiful chastity device and my friend, who we will call Porsche, in honor of his love of fast Germans.

With Chris, he is a Clark Kent type fellow who, by day, is covered in tattoos and metal dust while cursing like a sailor and, by night, can put on a white shirt and attend a PTA meeting while looking like he just stepped out of J Crew speaking the Queen’s English. In no other circumstances of life would we have met – especially since he is, well, Canadian – but I am rapidly thinking of him as a brother and he’s reached the spot where my kidney would be his if he needed it and that never would have happened without my having embraced my kink a wee bit more. I love this.

Now, as for Porsche, he is just absolutely fascinating to me in multiple ways. First, he is absolutely and completely, <cue gasp> 100% straight. He’s married to a beautiful woman who, from what I gather, is as kinky as me and Thumper combined (well, not really) and delights in telling me about their exploits, which I just adore because it’s such a novelty to hear about men and women, you know. Anyway, he is locked in a BEAUTIFUL 100% titanium creature cage from Steelwerks when he travels (which is a schedule that rivals mine) and he is locked when he leaves the house and not unlocked until he gets home (he does have one secured key with him just in case). He is my TSA titanium traveling hero because he wears the cage through security without having ever recorded any issues – a fact that has made me decide to upgrade my device soon – and when he comes home and the cage comes off, he switches to the absolute dominant character in the house and that stays that way until its time to leave again when the cage comes out. The beauty of him is that he is a very fit, late 40’s business guy with kids, a giant house, and the SUV, but, he has the sex drive of a teenager with the wallet of a CEO and the toys, games, and adventures they get into are absolutely amazing. What makes me laugh about our friendship is that it’s an off an on type of thing where we will text each other pictures, stories, and other life things and it’s always a really nice diversion from what I am doing. This week, as he was boarding an airplane and as I was checking into a swanky hotel, our discussion was going back and forth about butt plugs, pegging, and what armpit hair feels like when sleeping with a man and I laughed because never, ever in my life did I think I would ever have such a connection with a <cue gasp> straight man. It’s fun, funny, and neat all at once because we connected through metal on a penis, which I bet most people can’t say.

So, just a brief snippet of the fanciness that is my day to day conversations. Work is still kicking my ass and 17 emails have arrived since I sat down to type this, but that’s why I get paid, I guess.

Question to all, have your kinks created strong friendships with anyone you have not seen naked?


  1. The 100% titanium is on my savings list. Does he use PreCheck and pass through metal detectors or the old fashioned imaging screening? Great to know these things!


  2. Drew has jinxed me! Actually I jinxed myself! I left my emergency key in my car and was in London and no way out when I had to go through a full body scan in LHR. Took a little over an hour a long conversation and a visual inspection but they did let me go!

    In the US always Pre-Check and so far so good!

    Always enjoy my conversations with Drew.. he is the only one I can tell my non vanilla life to … other than my beautiful sexy wife.

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  3. Ninety-seven percent of my friendships are a result of my kinks. I’ve probably seen 75% of those naked, not because I’m intimate with them but because we all attend the same public play space and … well … nudity just happens. It’s odd. I’ve seen most of them naked, know what some sound like when they orgasm, but I don’t know their given names. Such an odd world we inhabit.


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