The Fairies – now with vision

Apparently my post about the Blind Fairies worried some of you because I got some great comments and some really touching direct messages (and, sadly, not a single one of you liked my joke about how sad it is that they can’t see how pretty they are – <sigh>).

That post was written at a point where I realize now I was just exhausted and, when that happens, I get a bit whiney because I just want to come home to a perfect house, have amazing quality time and fantastic sex with my husband, and then fall into a dream filled relaxation where I can enjoy spending time thinking about the things that get me hard like grasping the bunny in my large hands with an intense pressure – only reserved for that moment when he needs to feel oh so helpless – followed by carefully planned strikes and thrusts that get me that much deeper into him through his ass and brain. And naked firemen. They get me hard too.

Something not intended to be in this blog at all is last week I lost a good friend to an accident that killed him instantly. We said goodbye yesterday and things are leveling off but that hit me hard in a way that made me, obviously sad for the loss of his smile and support, but just more in the way that everything can change in actual seconds and that put me in a thinking place where I questioned the travel, questioned the sex with both parties, questioned my happiness, my organization, blah, blah, blah, blah.

But, in doing so, I realized that I love my life, love the weird sexual parts of me, love the fact I can see and touch two people naked, and love the fact I am still here today to learn something new about myself and you people. I don’t love my lack of motivation at times, but that can be adjusted.

Finally, I should warn you that if anyone says they are “sorry for my loss” I may have to block you. I wasn’t close enough to him to feel that is warranted and there are far more people, like his children, who need those words more than me. It’s funny in the age of FB, friends have been putting memorial messages on his page and their friends who I suspect had never even heard of the guy are posting to their friend how sorry they are for them on a page that his family sees. It was his moment, not theirs, after all.

So, all of this to say that the fairies I arrived home to, in actuality, have vision and are just fine. Not sure if I just called Axel a fairy with that statement, but, well, if the wings fit.



      1. I’m guilty of not reading all the way through…!

        After the events of the last few weeks around here I have been skimming everyone’s post.


  1. When things happen suddenly, unexpectedly – the death of a person I know professionally or peripherally, a friend’s or loved one’s emergency surgery, car crash, etc – it always sends me into Introverted Introspective Mode. Sometimes it takes being shaken up like that to see where we are, and where we want to be.

    During those times my priorities become painfully clear, both where I *believe* my priorities to be and where my everyday actions *show* my priorities to be; they are not always the same, and I set about righting the incongruities. I think, “I could be gone tomorrow. What am I doing TODAY that ensures _______ knows it/she/they are important in my life?”

    My internal GPS starts talking to me in that grating, impossible-to-ignore voice: RECALCULATING.

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