Today I got an email from a guy who probably wishes that he had not messaged me because he caught me at the wrong time and I fired back in a way that I likely should not have; however, not in a way that has caused me any regrets.

His name is Josh and he wrote:

“I am very disappointed that your blog no longer features hot sex scenes and focuses more on your, evidently, boring life”

I really hate that he thinks my life is boring and that I am apparently not having enough sex for him that it actually disappoints him, but, you know what, I am a bit disappointed I am not having wild and amazing sex too. However, I just had to ask him why he actually cared?

Now, he hit me at a time where I was actually disappointed because today I had planned to have amazing sex, but things happened outside of anyone’s control that quickly eliminated my chance for sex and Josh just hit me at the wrong time. The story behind this is not mine to tell, but it just fit into the groove of the week because during this I had one professional cancellation that led to another cancellation which led to three flight changes and now I am flying across the country tomorrow for a one hour meeting with someone I know nothing about talking about something I know nothing about and then I get to go home early on Thursday versus Friday night. Now, the one hour thing is absurd, but it’s what I do and luckily I will be able to research the “about” while sitting in the metal plane so all is not lost.

So, I wrote Josh a scathing note that contained Thumper language like “fuck off” and “who the fuck do you think you are?” and felt immediately better though he didn’t write back, which is a bit disappointing. So, see, I am disappointed again – ha.

Now, NONE of this is a complaint because, again, every single change of my week was outside of anything that could be controlled and I have had a very relaxing day where I did do some work, but I also took two naps, went to the gym, did a bit of shopping, and snacked all day in the concierge lounge. It’s not even 8pm and I think I may take a relaxing bath. I never get to do that.

This is all weird yet not disappointing at all.





  1. How dare you write non-sexual, non-pornographic things! You’re obviously just a tool to help some lonely asshat with no people skills jerk off. And you’re failing miserably.

    Fuck him and his disappointing life. And for the record, I’m a huge fan of using Thumper language.

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  2. “I am very disappointed that your blog no longer features hot sex scenes and focuses more on your, evidently, boring life”

    There is a line from an old book, possibly Kurt Vonnegut, that reads something like “The people, having been promised nothing, felt cheated in having received nothing.”

    Some years ago when I transitioned off of chastity writing to just, well, whatever the hell that is is that I do now, I had some complaints. From people who, you know, didn’t actually have their own blog.

    It’s really difficult to write on just a couple of topics. We have regular lives, and presumably a lot more interests, but those of us who choose to write are mainly doing it for a kind of pressure relief. If it entertains you, great. If not, please feel free to drop us from your RSS feed. Go browse Literotica or something. Sheesh.

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    1. I just googled on that comment because it’s been bugging me. The first two – not one but two – hits were similar comments that I left on this blog in the past.

      I give up. Next thing you know I’ll be repeating the same stories to my kids, losing my car at the mall, forgetting my address, etc.


      1. [Loudspeaker Announcement]

        Will the owner of the red jeep with the backend bike rack, license plate CH4STITY, please report to the customer service desk. We’ve found your car keys. And your address. Someone will meet you and escort you home.

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  3. Hey Drew,
    Here’s one of those people that don’t have their own blog.
    Your life might be boring for some people (it isn’t to me).
    But Even if it is, you manage to write about (even) boring things (which happen in everyone’s lifes, I guess ) so great that it cracks me up almost everytime (except of course when it’s a serious post).
    I could not make one interesting post (or at least I have made myself believe that…)

    But whatever you make out of my comment, do not (really NOT) stop writing about (and having) lots and lots of hot sex (with Tthumper or whoever suits your current needs, I am willing to take a part as well, just so you know😉)


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