TSA outing

Just a quick little post, but it’s 5:15am and I am having breakfast in an airport lounge trying to pretend like I don’t have what seems like 18 hours ahead of me today to just hurry up and wait. Anyway, at 4:50am I was strolling through the Pre-Check line minding my own business (well, not really because a family in front of me had laminated their boarding passes – laminated – because they went in their travel notebook – a notebook. It was so cute that it was only made me a little irritated that they took forever in front of me only to be sent back to get new ones – because the TSA agent can’t write on plastic) and walked up like the cynical business traveler I am giving the agent who told me “Good job”, as if I were two, for going through the metal detector all by myself after throwing my one bag on the belt. Of course, said bag contains the Axel so I always pause a minute and watch and, sure enough, this time my bag went to the little side belt meaning that it needed attention.

Now, this happens occasionally because I have a lot of chargers and such and never before because of the chastity device, but today, as they took me and the bag to the little table with the X-ray image, I heard the female agent say “it looks like a knife“. That made me laugh to myself because I have not been trusted with a pocket knife since I was 9, having lost two of my Dad’s childhood knives and having had to have stitches – twice, so I had to wonder. The male agent was great. He opened the bag, he looked at my little pouches that hold my life, and didn’t touch a thing, though I saw him smile. He zipped up the bag, handed it to me and said, “all clear, Sir” and just as I was about to step away, he said “the metal of your chastity device was lined up where it looked like it was sharp. No worries. Have a great day.”

Looking back, I hope I didn’t actually make an audible gasp like I heard in my head, but I just smiled and said “Thank you, Sir. I will take care of that in just a bit”, to which he just lit up and smiled.

Oh, what a funny start to the day.


  1. I have just told MrsL I was ready to carry the Steelheart with me to travel. Now having second thoughts. Especially after being challenged by the guards at my facility last night when I lit up the metal detector like s Christmas tree. Thankfully the old guy accepted “must be my new belt.”

    What airport, if you don’t mind?


  2. I always enjoy reading your blog, no matter the subject.

    You should have asked him if he offered full service… you could use some help getting that contraption back on…. 😉

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  3. And that idiot said your blog was boring? I would have blushed so badly that I’d still be red.
    Was this your home airport? You’ll encounter this guy again.

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    1. Ha. I somehow didn’t blush. I think it was not even 5 in the morning so that may have helped. \

      And, no, it wasn’t my airport, though it is Thumper’s!


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