Look Better Naked 2016

So, it’s yet again time for me to tell the world I am going to do something by modifying something I told the world I would be doing a bit ago. You know, just because I can. And, yes, there are more important things to talk about like the fact last week was a shitty week as far as news about someone very important, a fucked up travel week, a mostly locked week, and the fact that I had permission to orgasm after just over three weeks and the stars didn’t align for my visit north for that to happen. However, this post is just about me, nakedness, and working out.

To cut to the chase, Axel would love it if I didn’t walk around the house fully clothed (usually even with shoes) and has requested that I “show more skin” at home. In fact, I am usually just as clothed in hotel rooms because, well, I don’t like being naked. Well, actually, not naked per se because I could let my lower half be breezy all day, but I just hate not wearing a shirt.

Call it a body issue thing, a neurosis, a quirk, whatever, but just don’t do the “you look fine, why worry?” because, well, anyone who has any of the above things doesn’t need to hear that. I know that I am not gross shirtless and know that most of the people who would see me likely look worse than me in some way, but it’s just something I have never done. I think a lot of this goes back to when I was a kid and I was always the kid in the pool in a T-shirt, on the beach in sleeves, or playing in the backyard under the tree. It wasn’t a fatness thing (though there were the plump years – did I ever mention I was nearly a 12 pound baby at birth?) but more so because I was then, now, and will forever be, white as a ghost and my super power is the ability to burn in less than three minutes. I still think of poor Thumper last year when he and I rented a convertible in California. He was just filled with a combination of sadness and disbelieve that with a minute of lowering the top, I was pink.

But, I only tell you that to both explain why a lot of my pictures often look like an X-ray and to just say I know where it comes from. My job now is to work at being shirtless more and to practice it more and more and one day show a full pic like my English friend Smitten X on Twitter with the raging 5o year old body.

So, FINALLY, the point of the post, I am now launching Look Better Naked 2016 for me and whoever wants to join me by pretty much just saying that since there is no magic prize. It’s not secret that I failed at Look Better Naked 2015 but I tried and did learn a few things that will help. That said, what I learned is that I cannot follow a fitness program, I cannot log points, I cannot even plan my workouts, because, if I do those things, I cannot win.

I officially gave up trying that stuff about six weeks ago and now have just made a promise to myself that I will do whatever I can, whenever I can be that going to the gym to work what needs it that day, doing tricep dips off of hotel desks while waiting on return emails or IM’s, or grabbing a quick 50 pushups off the bathroom counter or tub while the shower heats up. The funny thing is that, without anything organized, this is actually working for me and I feel better now than I have in a long time body wise.

Yes, my diet is still trashed and I don’t do enough cardio, but baby steps here, people, baby steps.

The pic of above was taken yesterday and another the day before. Hopefully the next will be better.




  1. Well done for doing exercise when you can squeeze it in!

    A suggestion for cardio: take the stairs going up!
    When walking for a longer distance, just speed up for a while. Slow, down, speed up. Walking is the best and easiest exercise.

    Exposing your skin to just everyday day daylight should help. And if you are inside, you should not go pink. Being unclothed is very liberating!

    Best wishes and success, Silke


  2. My hubby has been doing old-school calesthenics with whatever-is-at-hand for equipment, and it’s working really well. Push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, walk/run, torso twisty stretchy things, what have you.

    Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

    As for me, I think “exercise” takes place in bed. And the only time you’ll find me running is if someone is chasing me (into the bedroom) or if it’s the only way I can get to that last piece of cheesecake before it gets swiped by someone else.

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  3. Good for you! It can take a while to figure out what works and what doesn’t, and sometimes that can change.

    There is a VERY fine line for me between ‘this works’ and FUCK THAT RIGHT UP ITS OWN ARSE!!’ Tricky.

    I know that I need a super strict plan and an unwavering routine. As soon as I slip out of it for any reason (like when I get a shoulder injury and it bothers me for MONTHS: ugh), I’m in trouble.

    If we (the #fwocrew) can help, of course you can shout out!



  4. Hey Drew, we’ve been on “Project LGN” since the beginning of the year ourselves. Again. The weight loss is coming along nicely, working out, well, that’s tougher.

    So yeah, I’ll join you, by saying that I do. If you want to stay in touch and geek about macros and fitness and such, I welcome that too.


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