This will be brief, but timing being what it is, this morning I posted a post about looking better naked and all that jazz just as the news was breaking about the horrific Orlando shootings. I have a rule that I will not delete something I have posted (thanks to Thumper for that) but feel like I have to say that is weighing on me heavily because of the 50 people who were killed and the hundreds whose day to day lives have forever been changed, how I look naked matters not.

I have been to The Pulse club and, though it was so long ago that I still had sweeping hair, the idea that these people were killed for being who they were in a place where, for some of them, was the only place they could be who they were, just saddens me to a level I am not sure I have felt in a long while. No, as far as I know, I didn’t know anyone there, but, that does not change my feelings.

Further, to see Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz “praying” today when just three months ago they attended rallies where a preacher wanted gays “put to death” is also horrific to me. Follow that up with Trump taking congratulations for being right about Islam and, I just want to scream. However, I am on an airplane and would likely be arrested, so I write in silence.

To all of those who have been affected by this massacre in ANY way, shape or form, my energies go out to you and I wish you peace.


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