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Hello from Paradise – other wise know as Hawaii – one of my favorite spots on the planet. I feel like I start so many of these posts with “sorry I have not been very active” so I won’t do that, but all is good, life has just been crazy winding up so I can now wind down.

In the kink world, I have been locking more, but there is not wild sex or nights locked in a cage in the garage to report about and no in depth details about the depths of Thumper’s ass or any of that fun because timing, yet again, sucks. But, I have no worries that all of this will sort itself out pretty soon and I have been enjoying getting to know a few new dominant friends and a few new submissive friends and when the time is right I can see myself taking some significant steps toward both of those directions.

Axel’s recovery is not where it should be and he is still in pretty constant pain, so his job this week is to explore some alternative therapies while my job is to relax. I am not an in-the-water-person and I will turn bright red in 5 minutes even with 100+ SPF, but part of relaxing for me is writing, so I hope to catch you all up very soon.

Until then, E pili mau na pomaika`i ia `oe.



  1. I haven’t yet been to Hawaii, but am hoping to get there in 2017. I’m coming into the slow season for my work, which is nice for the body if not for the bank account, and am all about The Relax. Because, life.

    Enjoy your vacay! 🙂

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  2. I went to Hawaii for the first time for my honeymoon and fell in love. It’s definitely hard to be stressed out there! I hope Axel feels better and that you get plenty of relaxation in.


  3. Enjoy your break. I’m sure the beautiful scenery from your picture will help you relax while you write. Hope Axel finds a therapy that helps.


  4. MrsL and I love Maui! We were just there for our 25th anniversary.

    Here’s to you and Axel having a great relaxing time together. I do hope he finds some relieve for the pain!


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