Double Dick Down

Finally, a post about sex and chastity, right? Mostly.

So, it’s early in the morning on Friday (2am-ish) and I cannot sleep which is more a product of the dark and scary speech that was made tonight by the man with the scary hair and less because of the steel and titanium cage that surrounds my penis. Actually, that cage is making the bad parts about the week good, but more on that soon.

To go back a few days, I came home from a trip early on Wednesday morning for what will be five whole nights at home, a rarity for me. As either you have read or assumed, over the last few months Axel and I have struggled to find our typical normalcy of intimacy due to a variety of reasons including his physical limitations post surgery, crazier than normal professional schedules on both our sides, and just some regular hiccups in life that every couple goes through regardless of whether or not they have are trying to mix kinky things into their reality. While it’s been frustrating, it has not been scary because it was never “between us”  as it was just a “about us”. So, when I got home Wednesday morning, he happened to be home for a bit waiting on a plumber and we started talking about what exactly we should do about the eternity of the five nights ahead. Of course he wanted me locked since the available time was huge (yeah, I know, it’s nothing to the really locked guys and I would be with you if I could, I swear) and promised that he would make it worth my while if I did. And, of course I did, so the plan was set that before 7pm, I would be locked (I had a massage scheduled at 4:30) and we would not let anything get in the way of this.

With that fate sealed, I decided to push the envelope a bit and ask him to also lock up in the Holy Trainer V2 that we got him some months back (for whatever reason) so that we could test the horny factor of having two penises within one home with no access to either. My request was followed by a reward of sorts for him by me promising him that since I was not unlocking until Monday morning before my flight, that if he made it without any unlocking until 4pm on Sunday, that I would give him my whole self for the night for him to do anything and everything he wanted to do to me without question on my part and that I would even try my best to block out anything work related for the whole night. That did it and, because of his schedule, his time was set for 9pm and after that we would both be sporting new appendages.

I am proud of this for multiple reasons which I will get to, but probably the most is that as soon as we made that pact, the chastity gods decided to test us by throwing a ton of “shit” our way just to see if we’d break and I am proud to say we did not, though I missed my locking deadline by an hour due to a late arriving police officer. See, as we sealed our deal, there was a knock on the door and the plumber Axel had been waiting on had indeed discovered the source of the little dribble of water down our driveway and, well, it was not good news. The little dribble on the surface was a torrent underneath as a tree root had pierced our main water line to the house and by 5:30pm, our yard was a muddy pit as the tree had to come down and out, the main line, which was lead, had to be taken out and replaced  (damn code enforcement), and a corner of the drive had to be broken to be gain more access. This was one of those repairs that you have no choice in and one where your early cost estimate was going higher by the shovel, but you have zero choice in the matter so you just stand there and watch and hope they discover oil or diamonds or that your Visa has more space on it than you remember.

I remember thinking to myself that there was no way my mind was going to be right for locking and that I would simply have to just tell Axel (I get really uptight with unknown money out the door) but I thought to myself that I should relax and think kinky thoughts and all would be well. And it was.

When the work was finally done and I went to move Axel’s car off of the street beside the house back into the gate and the driveway (which had been blocked by the mud) (he wasn’t home but had been picked up by a colleague), part two happened. As I turned the corner my initial thought was “wow, he really parked close to that pole – good for him for using those cameras so well” and as I got closer my second thought was more along the line of “fuck me – he really didn’t use the camera” because I realized that some bastard had clipped his car and pushed it into the pole and didn’t bother to stop or leave a note  – which now circles back as to why I was late locking since I had to then wait on the police to arrive and arrange a tow, etc.

But, determined to not be swayed, I came inside, showered because it was 200 degrees here this week, and locked my dick as fast as I could, just to not be tempted to touch by the life drama. It was somewhat of a fuck you to those chastity gods I mentioned earlier. I was proud of myself but pretty much figured the buzz would be gone for Ax, you know, since his side mirror was on the table, but he arrived home, said something like “Oh. Poor car.  Where is my cage? Upstairs?“(try, just try, being married to a therapist, people – the lack of reaction is sometimes just stunning) and he went off to lock while I, being me, calculated the amount of bonus days I could get if we got his rental through my corporate account versus our insurance account, etc.

(Insert that TiVo fast forward noise here)

Fast forward a few hours and as we went to bed, both safely secured, the moment of the day or the energy of the lack of orgasm started and a cuddle turned into some inappropriate with anyone else (sorta – hi Thumper!) touching, some heavy kissing, and some just absolutely intense making out like we were Baptist teenagers sneaking away from a revival to “do it”. I don’t think we slept more than two hours the whole night because we were just that into each other, that in the moment, that connected that we had not been in years. It was this weird pent up energy, which really had not had any time to be pent up yet, that was just groovy as fuck and lasted all night long. In any other situation, one of us would have suggested jacking off or something similar and it would have been over in three or four hours tops (HA) but without mutual access to each other’s parts, we had a whole new playing field which was fascinated.

This level of “into-ness” actually carried on through much of Thursday through some suggestive texts and, well, daring pictures. It was madness and, even though I sit here terrified of the man with the bad hair, I am also just smiling still because we may be on to something.

Time will tell if the night of, well, errr, passion – which just sounds creepy – was the mutual locking, the fact he is planning what he is going to do to me (I asked him not to give clues) or if it was just the fancy soap I used in the shower, but right now I really don’t care.

Of course, if it was the mutual locking, that will bring all kinds of thoughts in my head, but, needless to say, we might be going back to Canada sooner than expected.



  1. Wow, good for you!! As so often happens, I am deeply impressed with what a motivated man can do. And you must know that the more stressful the situation, the funnier your writing gets. Thanks for the post, it was a great way to start the day.


  2. Always enjoy reading your blogs, no matter what the subjectotal matter is. Your sense of humor and writing style are refreshing. Hope your repair Bill wasn’t too high… I have had those same thoughts about how much is this going to cost me when owning my historic home. Visions of eating peanut butter and jelly out of a jar for the rest of my life often crossed my mind when the repair man gave me that look…

    Enjoy your locked time together… Hopefully, that trip to Canada will result in some new body jewelry for the both of you!


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