Look Better Naked – Quick Check

In the quest to look better naked, Thumper and I are quietly tracking and encouraging each other via our Apple Watches and the nifty like circles that rank your day’s activities versus the overall goal. These track movement against calories burned, exercise versus a time goal, and standing more than ten minutes for at least 12 hours a day. Since we are both beta testing Watch OS3, it’s also now sending us updates to each other to be used in an encouragement yet peer pressured sort of way.

No, it’s not that technical, but I have learned I hate tracking that way, so right now it’s just enough pressure when combined with public posting, so, here we go.


  1. Ooooh… Pretty colors–!

    *clapping hands*

    (Seriously, I have no clue what any of those colorful circle-type things mean. They look like lollipop heads to me.)


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