Questions, answers, and another car comparison – Life in a Steelwerks cage.

Over the last year I have been asked multiple times about how the Steelwerk’s device, with their one of a kind S-screw, goes on and how difficult it is to install it since there are so many little screws.

So, on Sunday I received a long email from a recon buddy who was seeking more information about Steelwerks, how it feels, and how it installs, etc, so instead of sending him one message, I thought I would attach his entire letter here along with my comments.

So, here we go…

Hi Drew. XXXX  from Recon here. Firstly, I am SO sorry I sent this as such a ridiculously long message on Recon. Email makes much more sense and I’m sorry I was thinking with my dick earlier and not my brain. Being an avid follower, I know how busy your schedule is so please only answer when and if you have the time (little did he know I would loudly answer). I’m not in any rush. Here’s what I wrote you on Recon...

Thanks for the reply. I appreciate the help and will do my best not to annoy you with too many questions. I tend to be very methodical about my research, especially when looking into something as important as a Steelwerks cage! I think some feedback from a wearer like yourself could be very helpful. Also, we both come from the Church of Thumper when it comes to this stuff and we both have Steelworxx Steelhearts, though you’re much wiser than me since you’ve already upgraded from that model. So in no particular order…

I’m curious about the process of putting the cage on and taking it off. How many of those little S screws does is require to get on and off? Including the scrotal cuff? How long does it take? I ask because my cage comes on and off frequently for exercise (I’m a serious athlete  and I don’t think I want to be fumbling for 5 minutes twice a day with little screws that can get lost easily). Generally, I’m curious how the entire assembly goes together. Fancy making a short video for your blog or Twitter followers showing the procedure? (Not perving here, genuinely curious.)

Okay, about the screws. Yes, they are small and there are a lot of them; HOWEVER, while you could undo them all and take the cage apart piece by piece, the reality is there are only two screws you have to play with and that is for the ring and for the attachment point. I learned how to slide the ring on already closed, so, for me, that literally left the main screw where the cage attaches to the ring. That screw is larger than all of the others and has a thicker diameter, so, once you get the hang of how to use the key in the S screw, it literally just takes seconds to put on. Much like how you can just slip the lock into the Steelheart. As a note, if I take out my PA, I have another screw with that which is tiny, but it’s really fast and easy but I have just learned to do any of this while sitting on or standing over a white towel because, if I don’t take precautions, I will always drop that tiny screw into the abyss.

Though I certainly can’t call myself an athlete, I have never found anything where the Steelwerks gets in the way such as biking, lifting, etc – but, as you know, I do take mine off a lot, likely more than anyone who owns a SW, so I understand where you are coming from and would tell you not to worry about it too much because, after a week or two with it, you will be able to let it go on and off in less than two minutes – which includes getting the towel.

And on there video, nah. I am shy (ha).

Does your hollow PA jewelry (the one that secures the cage) work well? Is pissing a messy affair or does it actually direct all the piss in the proper direction? I’ve got a PA so I realize sitting is usually a good idea regardless of chastity but I’m particular interested in the effectiveness of your custom hollow jewelry.

To put it plainly, the locking hollow barbell I have is AMAZING. Not only does it just feel good inside my PA, I can aim at the bowl while standing better than pre-PA because it doesn’t have that randomness that sometimes happens just because. For me, it’s a beautiful piece, especially because I can piss in a plane lavatory without having to sit and without worry. The only thing I have to worry about is that sometimes urine can stay just inside the tube and without an extra shake or seven and/or without a dab of toilet paper, you can sometimes get a small wet place on the front of your pants which has happened to me only at the most inappropriate times and places; however, I lave learned to wear darker pants on those days just because and am still trying to remember to shake.

Steelwerks does not have these on their website, but I know he will still make them if requested. Due to the sizing of the tubing, the smallest he will now make is a 2 gauge, but it’s so good that it’s worth stretching to get there. Seriously, I feel that if you could only ever afford one Steelwerks purchase, this is the one to have. Plus, when the cage is on, it locks to it which means triple security for those of you who have wandering hands.

Is the scrotal cuff practical is any way or is just kind of a fun additional piece of the puzzle? I ask because I have low hanging balls. While I love swinging them around, they aren’t ideal for chastity. The weight of the steelheart and the looseness of my sack means the ring never sits where it belongs against my stomach and is always “drooping” like an ill-fitted cock ring. That makes the cage hang half way down my dick (tho it’s still secure thanks to the PA fixing). One of the things attracting me to Steelwerks is the cuff and if it would help solve that issue. But I’m not sure if it would actually help with that or not.

I have the same issue with my balls and the cuff absolutely helps hold them down and flat, though in all honesty, the regular SW ring does that too which, in my theory alone, is because the ring is titanium and weighs so little that it “directs” them versus pressing them down. But, the stretcher is something that I love and do not regret adding to my order, but it is also something I wear very rarely because most of my pants, jeans, and suits are cut too tight in the crotch to allow any room which leaves me literally sitting on my balls – which is not pleasant – so I use the other ring (fyi – if you order a cuff it comes with a completely separate cock ring and cage attachment point which makes swapping super simple). That said, in running shorts, sweatpants, or naked, the cuff is amazing as it’s a “gentle tug” that you are always aware of but not in a bad way. Sorta what I would imagine it would feel like to have a bunny cup your balls – you know, if you are into that, and if they didn’t have teeth.

I know everyone is built differently so I’m more interested in your experience and only mention my challenges to explain the reasons behind my questions. I know I can ask Chris all these questions as well, but I thought I’d start with his most famous customer and get a bit of research done before contacting him.

Whatever. He actually has real, famous people, so I don’t compare (and one day he will tell me who if I threaten enough – maybe). I would say that I never mind answering questions and I think you absolutely are smart to do research before contacting him because he is inundated with 100 stupid emails for every two serious ones which just take time away from the craft (seriously, guys, I have been in his shop when these come in, if you want to email an expert to ask what color metal you should get, whether you will like chastity, or just to show a pic of your dick, email Trump or something).

Finally, based on you

In your experience, how important do you think it is to pay Chris a visit and get fitted in person? I’m guessing I know that answer but would you say it’s critical?

Actually, you are wrong. I am going to tell you that it’s not critical at all. A year ago when I went the first time I thought it was, but now that I know him and have seen his work, I can promise you that a phone or video customer gets just as much attention and gets the same measurements with his coaching. I mean this too because, contrary to what most people (I would assume) think, he never touched me when he measured me as he simply handed me a tape and said “hold this there” and wrote down the measurements. In fact, I know he has only met a handful of his clients and, based on his popularity, there are thousands of properly fitted Steelwerks devices out there done just via instruction (and this also saves you travel money and a fitting fee which I think is far too low for what he should be charging for an hour) so I would say save your travel money to add the cuff (among other things).

I’m getting more and more serious with my chastity. Last year when we chatted briefly my longest lockup had been 8 weeks. Earlier this year I went for 5 months! So I think I’m about to the point of being crazy enough to go for the gold and Chris’ creations certainly are that!

In the spirit of the Olympics (which I am very worried about), I agree that they are the gold metal of devices, though I think an actual gold metal one would be too soft, really costly, and, well, kinda tacky. Actually, there are plenty of other good devices out there and I know plenty of people are happy with the competitors, but my feeling is you only have one dick and if you are going to deny yourself orgasms, you might as well be comfortable and have a work of art swinging between your legs too. I go back to my original comparison a long while back in that there are plenty of cars to buy that will get you from A to B and then there are the ones that get your from A to B with a huge smile on your face and they are generally the BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Tesla of the world which is the same category I place Steelwerks and their devices.

Oh, and you are far from crazy for wanting one. Hell, I am about to have two.

Thank you SO much! I REALLY appreciate any time and info you’re able to give me


So that’s it folks. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out and, if you wear a Steelwerks, I’d be very interested to see if you would answer anything differently.


  1. Hey Drew! Long time follower, first time commenter. I’m the crazy dork that sent you all the questions and all I can say is, wow! I’m honored to be the reason for a blog entry. Thank you so much for the thoughtful response to my questions! All your answers make good sense and are very helpful in my quest for the ultimate hardware. It was already quite clear, but obviously Steelwerks Extreme designs are true pieces of art and I only hope that someday (sooner than later), I’ll be able to enjoy the cool caress of titanium covering my junk. I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me soon with more questions. But I really think we all need a video of the assembly – for purely educational purposes, of course! 😉

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    1. Absolutely my pleasure and I also hope you soon get that cool caress.

      Thanks for following along and I am glad you are no longer a lurker and I hope you comment more often!


  2. As a steelwerks fanboy and owner of a creature cage I can tell you that it is very much an integrated part of you. I wear mine ever anytime that I am away from my wife. This can be everyday (while at work) or a week or two at a time; other times we may be on holiday and not have it on for a week or more. It feels more strange with it off than it does with it on after a little wear.

    Steelwerks is not like buying anything off the shelf it is absolutely an interactive processes of design and implementation. It is like a custom suit or a personally designed jewelry, it is a part of you. Mine even has a few parts to it that are not in any other device that Steelwerks has made and that is part of the fun of it all. My key holder was also part of the design and loves the device on me as well.

    Saying all this it is not a toy or a “sex device” in the normal way. This is a lifestyle purchase and takes serious consideration before making the investment.


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