Kiwi, Train, and General Updates

So, happy new week everyone. I am aboard what I think is the only on time Delta flight today, a fact that would normally be thrilled about, but with the global service outage they had this morning, I had finagled a way to cancel the trip and have my entire week at home, but, alas, my fucking flight was on time. The good news is that I am off to the land of Thumper. He’s been in the woods and we have not talked, but surely we will be able to have a dinner or two and some other time together. It seems like forever since I saw him, though it really hasn’t been that long. I am supposed to meet Belle on one of these trips, but hopefully not this one because I didn’t bring my meeting Belle shoes, so I might be embarrassed. 

On the kinky front, bless his heart, Axel is trying but, in the same ole same ole, we have just been dealing with the heaviness that is life sometimes. I have not posted much about this at all, but since my last Mom post, she had a series of small strokes and was finally diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, which, just happened to be the same week that Axel’s father was also diagnosed with it too. In both cases it was known something was wrong, but his father is in his early 60’s which was a bit of a shock (Ax and I are the same age but they just start really early deeper down South) but it still just sucks and causes those thoughts about things we didn’t want to deal with yet. But, that is that and is something that will be dealt with and, in the case of my Mom at least, we are rather happy because now there is a treatment/care path that could really have a definite impact, so we will just see things as they come and deal with them best we can.

On the friendships front, you all know my friend Kiwi (fyi, not his real name) from here and Twitter and he and I had a nice iMessage chat last night where he started off by telling me how he had been really worried about me because I had “just not seemed like myself” the last few months. That made me smile because he really is like an old Jewish mother inside a firm, tall Scottish body and I appreciated the caring, but it made me worry that if I have given off that vibe, that I have not meant to. That said, I know I have posted less and about less fun things, but the novelty of the locked boyfriend on the side thing wore off and, though I seriously, seriously, like it, one can only write so much about Thumper’s ass (at least from outside, hmmmm, perhaps a challenge?). But all is good and no worries if you have been worried. I swear I still smile 93 percent of any given day.

Oh, and speaking of Kiwi, he is like a weird kinky little brother to me, emphasis on weird, and he recently got a big boy job and moved his whole family across country so he could get even more proficient in adulting. I am uber proud of the young lass and wish him nothing but fantastic luck as he takes this next journey.

Finally, there is a new boy. Nah, not really like that, but the guy I posted the last post in response to his letter and I have been talking and he’s a nice distraction to all the above in that in the short time we have talked, he has reminded me of all the fun I had when I started this bog when I got to meet some new friends who were just as kinky as me and, mostly normal (ahem, Kiwi) too. I had met this group, enjoyed them, continue to enjoy them, and in doing so, like I often do, I closed off my mind to more and just let a few nice people slip through. But, this boy, who I shall call…..hmmmmmm, Train travels a ton, is locked in steel, is smart, is witty, and is beautiful in face, body and spirit so we have at least the first few of those in common. And, when you add that with the fact that he has a vanilla husband of 20+ years who, like my vanilla husband of 18 years, allows him to get his kink on, it’s great fodder for building a friendship. So, while we may never physically touch each other (we have not discussed that yet), I love the building of a friendship and think this might have elements that would mean we would stay in touch, which makes me happy.

So, that’s about it for this round of updates. The plane is bouncing left, right and sideways, so it’s time to close my eyes and let it.


  1. WHAT? His name isn’t Kiwi? *shattered* Next you’ll tell me that your name isn’t really Drew. Very excited for him about the new job and the move. Sounds like it’s a great opportunity for him!

    Sorry about your mom and Alex’s dad. That’s a big blow in a short time. I hope the treatment goes well for your mom.


  2. Sorry to hear about the Alzheimer. I wish you two and other family members all the best dealing with this.
    Good to hear you are making new friends. Btw, how is Axels’ bit on the side? Has that taken off?

    Hope you have a good time with Thumper, can you explain what Meeting Belle shoes are? I look at shoes when I meet people and judge them by them, so this is an interesting observation.

    Any more nice hotel views? Or not nice ones?


  3. Sorry to hear about your Mother and Axel’s Father. Wishing for the best care available for both of them.

    I am still awaiting the travel day/week when we wind up in the same place at the same time. I would definitely enjoy chatting and having an adult beverage or two!

    Safe travels this week!


  4. Say hello to the kiwi for me…I was just thinking about him today….
    Sending best wishes to you and yours ….
    Glad you smiling mostly !

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